Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer and More Introduced in Update 1.41

Join her sister sim American Truck Simulator, the new Update 1.41 Posted for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The old excavator may be a bit under its belt, but SCS Software continues to equip it and ATS With improvements and new features, with online multiplayer support which is the biggest to date.

Online multiplayer has been sought after by fans for years. Now in the new Caravan mode, up to eight players can ride together in a completely synchronized session. Traffic, weather, job and truck details match between players to ensure a seamless experience. As is the case in ATS, However, mod support is not currently available. However, the developers do not rule out this in the future. Regardless, there is a lot to enjoy in this new version of sim.

The smell of that new truck

Update 1.41 for Euro Truck Simulator Also includes an expansion slot. That is, the owners recently released Iberia Map DLC A whole new section of the road network, the Autoestrada A24, can be enjoyed. Located in the picturesque countryside of Portugal, it straddles the valley of the Douro River and offers another scenic route for players to navigate through. SCS acknowledged that this specific part of the road was not completed in time Euro Truck Simulator’s The full Iberia DLC was released a few months ago, which is why it was patched with update 1.41.

Talk about the common features between ETS2 And the ATSThe new update also includes the upgraded Picture Mode. The time of day and weather can now be changed on the go in order to capture the ‘perfect’ shot.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 It has obviously a long life with SCS committing to release regular updates like Update 1.41. Not to mention the continued development of major DLCs like the upcoming Heart of Russia expansion, which will be the biggest to hit the sim to date.

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