FIFA 22 is coming to PC in October, but with missing features

FIFA 21 You don’t exactly have the best PC launch imaginable. I say that because PC gamers got hold of the game, albeit a last-gen version of it. The developer did this in order to “keep the minimum specs low”, which doesn’t make sense. despite, FIFA 22 The release date is October and it will arrive on PC this year, along with previous and current generation consoles. Unfortunately, the PC version is getting scammed again. One of the main promised features will be completely absent from the PC version, much to the chagrin of many who are considering a purchase.

As for what this feature is, it’s a little trick that EA refers to as HyperMotion gameplay. While it reminds me of the explosion handling, which was notoriously nonsense, it appears that HyperMotion does exist. It is the combination of machine learning and motion capture that makes the player’s movements more realistic and believable. Motion capture appears to have used special suits to successfully capture data for more than 4,000 animations from 22 people in a field at once. However, machine learning has access to 8.7 million frames of matching footage, which it uses to add highly realistic animations.

FIFA 22 Missing computer features again

In short, it feels like a little game-changer in terms of realism. Not only will current console versions of games come with HyperMotion, but Stadia will come as well. while he he is It is possible that something went wrong and the feature is coming to the PC, there is no mention of the platform on FIFA 22 Steam . page, nor in the teaser that was released along with the game’s official promotion. While that’s disappointing, being disappointed with an EA sports game is like being disappointed by a sunrise.

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