The Witcher 3’s next generation update with ray tracing will also contain new free DLC

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It was released over six years ago, and it’s definitely hard to understand for some. It brought an immersive visual experience and rich storytelling. It is also fairly well improved, Unlike the newer game From CD Projekt RED. No wonder the publisher has sold over 30 million copies so far and continues to receive a lot of revenue from its older edition. the magician The franchise has become so popular that it has a hit TV series starring famous actor Henry Cavill. Not surprisingly, CD Projekt RED decided to create the next generic version of Witcher 3 With updated graphics and systems.

CD Projekt Share it Witcher 3 The next public update will include upgrades like ray tracing and improved load times, but the deal gets better for those in the TV series. The developers decided to include some new free additional content to go along with the big update, and it will be inspired by the show.

Is it worth playing again?

If you’re wondering what the DLC will include, we’re with you. The tweet that revealed plans for the upcoming downloadable content was less specific. Based on previous content additions to Witcher 3, new armor, weapons, quests, and Gwent cards are all reasonable. We were guessing we’d be wearing Geralt’s armor from the show, and there will likely be some silly inclusions as well.

The tweet goes on to state that more details will be revealed soon, which is outrageously vague. However, there is a file next stream 9PM ET tonight for WitcherCon Part Two. Perhaps there will be another teaser for the game that will give us a better idea of ​​what to expect. Until then, you can Check out some teasers for season 2 of the magician TV series.

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