The Endwalker standard is launched with a mention of Viera

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker The standard has Just released, allowing would-be saviors of the world to see if their computers could run the next expansion.

The benchmark plays seven minutes of in-engine scenes meant to test your specs, and based on the trailer, these will include sweeping panoramas, massive battles, and plenty of beautiful spotlights. After those seven minutes, the performance meter will display a score that indicates how likely your system is to handle it Endwalker – Whether you’ll need fewer settings, or if you can hit it all up and enjoy it.

The Endwalker Standard

No massive graphical updates planned Endwalker, To my knowledge. As such, if you don’t have any issues with Shadow sails (or even free Final Fantasy XIV trial), your system is less likely to falter and crash because of it. But for serial stars, that might not be the main draw here.

being a benchmark for EndwalkerEverything in these scenes focuses on that. You’ll see new enemy models, new environments, hear new music by frankly amazing Masayoshi Soken, and maybe discover some new skills – but keep in mind that these scenes were made for effect, so don’t go in theory crafting new combo endings just yet. While it’s unlikely that any of the situations presented in Standard will be in the actual game, there are still some minor spoilers and some things that are probably fairly close to the game’s events.

The Shadow sails The standard showed Titania and its square, for example. However, the details of the fight were completely different, as Aenc Thon appeared there as well. However, if this continues here, we might face something in particular use machete Edgelord on top of one of those mysterious towers…

Representing Rabbit Boys: Arrival Male Vieira

Not only that, but the standard gives you access to Endwalker Character creator so that you can replace the default male Hyur paladin in scenes with a character of your choice…and that includes New Male Racing Viera. You’ll be able to export bunny boys to the main game once too أيض Endwalker launch.

The release of the benchmark was announced yesterday as part of a 14-hour livestream by the developers, which was mostly a celebration of the game but gave a few other tidbits. For example, it appears that some residential plots (semi-jokingly referred to by players as the hardest content in the game) will be issued via a lottery system, meaning you won’t need to sit next to your computer for a random day. – Click on a sign to try to buy a plot of land once it is up for sale.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker he is due to launch On November 23, early access is expected to begin on November 19. We wrote completely Much Around What you can expect from him, I accidentally interviewed Yoshi-P himself a little while ago. You can download the standard to a file official site right Now.

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