Pre-registrations for PUBG New State for iOS will begin on this date, and a new trailer is released: Watch here

Krafton Inc is currently working on a sequel to the popular Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile, dubbed PUBG: New State. Not much is known about the gameplay, dynamics, and more for the upcoming game yet. However, we know that it will have similar dynamics to PUBG Mobile in a futuristic environment with new graphics and more. Read also – Battlegrounds Mobile India ‘The Launch Party’ event – Day 1: Team Snax on top, SouL and Dynamo left behind

So far iOS users haven’t gotten much love from the company, especially in India, with Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has not yet announced the operating system. However, international players can pre-register for PUBG: New State starting in August. As a reminder, Android users have been able to pre-register at PUBG New State For some time now. The game has had a successful closed alpha playback experience. Read also – PUBG Mobile 1.5 Tesla Gigafactory update brings new game modes and more to users

part of iOS Starting pre-registration, the company has also released a new teaser video, which shows what gunfights can look like. Read also – Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version likely to be released today

The trailer showcases a lot of new games that players will have access to. The futuristic setting also looks attractive and fun, with lots of advanced weapons and vehicles. From the teaser video, it looks like the game will focus a lot on creative navigation and action.

The company hasn’t announced a release date for the game, however, we expect it to do so sometime after iOS pre-registration begins. We also expect Crafton Inc. will reveal more details about the game in the coming weeks. Some reports also indicate that the company will first release an Android version of the game and an iOS version at a later time.

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