A new gameplay trailer for JETT: The Far Shore has been revealed

In June of 2020, the developers announced Superbrothers and Pine Scented Jet: The Far Shore, an exploration-based game that focuses on flying through vast alien worlds. Much like other games that originally launched last year, the game had to come out in 2021 instead due to development challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. During PlayStation yesterday playing condition event, the developers showed off a huge new trailer for Jet: The Far Shore Which not only reconfirmed the 2021 release window but also went into more detail about what the gameplay will entail.

In the trailer, Superbrothers creative director Craig D. Adams explained that the developers “looked forward to creating a video game to express our own feelings of awe when we look up at the starry sky.” According to Adams, Jet: The Far Shore Deemphasizes ‘fighting’ [and] resource extraction “in the interest of ‘Exploration and Discovery’, although players still have to avoid assaults on dangerous wildlife. Much of the gameplay involves flying on a plane and exploring exotic wildlife, but players also sometimes have to explore on foot On Foot Apart from the dangerous wildlife mentioned above, the gameplay adopts a very relaxed atmosphere and pace.

What about the story?

Players control May, a member of a team of aeronautical scientists who travel to an ocean planet in the hope of “securing a future for their species”. The team does everything they can to “adapt and avoid conflict,” although Mai sometimes has to grapple with the visions and memories that haunt her. The game depicts these characters in a simple art style that extends to the world itself.

In a gaming scene full of intense titles, it is always appreciated when you love games Jet: The Far Shore Offering more serene experiences for players to enjoy – the trailer is sure to give that feeling. Players who are interested in the game can check it out when you reach Epic Games Store later this year.

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