The latest Fortnite update adds Alien Nanites with multiple uses

It is an electronic game Enter Season 7 of an alien invasion of the popular Battle Royale game. new weapons, map changes, weekly challenges, And more than that, he contributed to the experience of conquest. Now, the latest update has added more features to match the weird theme. Alien Nanites have arrived as part of the latest It is an electronic game patch. Alien Nanites have more than one use, and they can come in handy in your matches.

To start, Alien Nanites can be used to upgrade your weapons. In this case, these foreign substances act in a similar way to nuts and bolts. You can use space nanites to upgrade your assault rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles which are rare or better. Doing so will upgrade the weapons to a pulse gun, Kymera Ray Gun, or a rail gun respectively. If you are a fan of these weapons, then it will be easier for you to get them.

Take your battles to low-gravity environments

Then, the alien nanites can be used to change environments. The It is an electronic game The leaker known as DJ Lex We shared some early shots of Alien Nanites in action. As you throw them, a jelly-like cube will appear. When you enter an exotic biome, you will experience low gravity. You will be able to jump much higher while inside the cube. When leaving the exotic biome, you won’t face any fall damage, so you don’t have to worry if you exit the area at a high altitude.

Fortunately, get Alien Nanites in It is an electronic game It shouldn’t be a difficult task. These are available to find floor loot and chests. However, there are increasing spawn rates in native and foreign abductors. It’s important to note that Nano-Aliens are disabled in competitive playlists.

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