The Blood Bowl 3 will have transformative tones, a total burger

During today’s Nacon Connect livestream, Cyanide filled in some details about the upcoming fantasy football simulation 3 . blood vessel. The trailer for the six sponsors showed that his solo campaign would be based around: Bugman’s Beer, Corsair Cruises, Cabal Vision, Block & Dodgers, Orcidas, and a disgusting hamburger brand called the Nurgle King. As the lead film artist Yoann Druli explained, “During the campaign, you will have to face a group of stars, who are the public faces of these sponsors.”

The sponsors will have their own teams led by a different star player, each of which must be defeated one by one. Drulhe mentioned that Orc star Varag Ghoul-Chewer will return, and will be the face of the Orcidas brand and founder of his own gym chain. When Talk to Cyanide earlier this year, they mentioned that the campaign will let you create your own custom team and take them to multiplayer once you’re done, which is a nice touch.