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Let’s face it, Beastmen haven’t gotten much attention since they were included in the first Total War: Warhammer Game. Their legions mostly scattered across the empire’s lands, destroying and plundering on a whim. That’s about to change thanks to a free update being released alongside Silence and anger DLC. This Beastmen rework for Total War: Warhammer II It is bound to make it massive and so much fun to play again.

For starters, this Horde-type faction maintains three unique situations. Beastmen Ambush provides a chance to resist hostile armies whenever they launch an attack. Meanwhile, using Beast Paths allows you to cross major obstacles such as mountains (similar to Underway). Finally, the Hidden Encampment position allows you to recruit units and create improvements without fear of being attacked once you’ve finished your turn (assuming competitors don’t spot you).

Total War: Warhammer IIFree Beastmen Rework

part of Total War: Warhammer IIFree Beastmen rework is the faction’s ability to create Bloodgrounds. At the beginning of your campaign, you must have a Herdstone resource. Then, once you have a settlement, you will see the “Raise Herdstone” option that uses this resource. This will then create a blood arena that includes a huge red area on the campaign map. Ideally, you would want to win battles, raid and destroy nearby settlements within the Bloodground to wreak havoc.

As the destruction in the county increases, so does your means of gaining signs of ruin (from rituals) and awe. The first gives you a campaign-level benefit such as your unit’s recruitment and army ability. Meanwhile, the latter can be used to buy boosts such as additional unit covers and upgrades. You can also use Dread to get other Beastmen masters like Khazrak, Malagor, Morghur and Taurox provided you own the DLCs that add them. Do note that the first three require monster call and requires Taurox Silence and anger.

Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Beastmen Rework Free Update 1

Furthermore, there is another source called Favor (emphasizes that monsters do not need gold and are marked with Chaos Gods). As you win more battles and get the Favor of the Dark Gods, you will be able to grab items and auxiliary items that provide you buffs when equipped.

Additionally, there are research challenges that you have to consider. For example, a technique called “The Strong Survive” increases awe gains by 20%. However, you will need to reach level 15 with three letters first. Beastmen also get the New Year Lord’s Choice thanks to the Great Bray Shaman (from all-out war Access). Oh, and Malagor the Dark Omen can finally fly.

Anyway, we’ll see the Beastmen rework live once Total War: Warhammer II‘s Silence and anger The DLC is released on July 14th. Oh, and don’t forget that the update also includes free gifts like Thorek Ironbrow and Ogre Mercenaries.

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