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the novel roadside stroll It was published in 1972 in the Soviet Union. It was a story about extraterrestrial beings who left behind visiting sites full of strange phenomena and other forces. Coincidentally, the novel became highly influential, leading to straightforward and loose adaptations (that is, stalking The series pointed out some key elements). then there laminated, a sci-fi and post-apocalyptic role-playing game from developer Dark Crystal Games and publisher Prime Matter.

laminated It was originally backed by Kickstarter funding before becoming part of Steam’s Early Access in September 2019. Since then, it has undergone a lot of changes and many hotfixes. I was able to try the latest version, and while there were some flashes of intelligence, I also noticed several annoying issues.

Visitors and Kronos Suites

As mentioned earlier, laminated severely affected roadside stroll. At first, you were told about mysterious entities that arrived on the planet, only traces of their death remain from them. This site now exists within Dome, a superstructure overseen by an organization known as CRONUS.

Once the campaign begins, you will be able to create your character and choose the “ward” they are part of as one of the CRONUS employees. For example, there is the white wing which most scholars go to, and the silver wing which is the branch of the company. Then there is the Black Wing, which is full of soldiers and mercenaries, as well as the Blue Wing, which focuses on engineering and repair. Finally, the orange ward is where all the criminals and miscreants are set.

As you begin on your journey, you will realize that something is not right. More and more residents of the dome are falling ill with a disease that drives them crazy. Then, just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, a vortex suddenly erupts.

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Create a character in laminated

laminated It uses nine types of attributes (for example, Muscle, Vigor, and Psychic), as well as more than a dozen abilities (such as Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Science, Criminal, and Survival). The wing you choose provides boosts to your character, such as the silver wing which adds +1 Charisma, +20 Psionics, +20 Speech, +2 Skill Points as you level up. Likewise, certain dialog options are only available based on which branch they belong to.

For your active and passive skills, think of these as a combination of a basic ability and, in some cases, a controlling trait. For example, getting 30 speech points allows you to use the “Charm” option when talking to some NPC. However, the ‘intimidation’ and ‘condemnation’ responses can only be unlocked if you have six points in the muscle or brain traits respectively. Forget the idea of ​​strict classes because laminated It encourages you to create mixed characters that can have multiple disciplines. Then again, there is a caveat that can turn into a problem and I will address it after a while.

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meet new people

I’m thinking of laminated closer to Drops And the wildernessThe classic CRPG franchises that have become the cornerstone of the genre. It is a story-driven adventure where you will meet many NPCs who will have a lot to say about the world and its inhabitants. Dialogue options such as the responses above abound depending on which suite you chose. You can even choose to bribe or barter with them if that is what you want. Also, there are those that may require attribute or ability verification. For example, you will encounter a group of bandits who are about to rob a gas station. If you pass the speech tests, you can persuade or charm them to avoid hostilities. While there are technically no “wrong” choices, some important decisions can lead to repercussions in your gameplay.

It is also possible to find companions abroad. In my case, I arrived in the slums of Junktown where I met a White Wing scientist named Katarzyna and an Orange Wing convict named Crump (who, uh, loves beating people up and hitting them with melee weapons). As far as I know, you’re restricted to only two companions, and I’m not really sure about all the other people who can accompany you on your journey.

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turn-based combat

Like other CRPG games, laminated Uses turn-based combat system. If you ambush an enemy or if you are spotted, the confrontation begins. You will then be able to use your skills on weapons or other unlocked abilities. There are a large number of improvised weapons and gadgets that you can use from pistols, combat gear and gloves to energy rifles and explosives. It is also possible to find Servoshells (or Power Armors) to help strengthen your defenses. In addition, you will be able to activate certain perks such as first aid, scanning or mechanical repairs. All of these cost action points (APs). Even if you don’t spend all of your AP during your turn, you can use the extra points to boost your defensive rating or save some extra points for the next round. Unfortunately, there is no monitoring option that was a staple of this genre.

Probably my favorite part of the combat (which makes it funny) is how you can eliminate most enemies while stealth. Simply activate your character’s stealth, shoot your weapon, and avoid the red visible circles of your opponents. Move your character away if an enemy gets too close to you, and keep blasting them to your heart’s content. Technically, the battle hasn’t started yet, which means you’re not using your AP.

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Containers, clutter, and attendant clunkiness

Unfortunately, I also noticed a lot of issues while playing the game laminatedLatest build. From the start, I wasn’t too keen on how character creation contains traits that affect multiple aspects (eg AP is influenced by Brains, Deftness, and Fortune). Similarly, I noticed that the selected themes did not show their rewards upon completion of the process. An example was when I chose the “Bright Mind” that should have added bonuses to brains, science, high-tech weapons, medicine, and biochemical resistance. These increments were not present in the final stats screen, so I was confused if they were actually active.

Then there is all the chaos. To be clear, I’m a believer in the idea that RPGs should have a lot of loot for players to discover. But, there must be a limit. Otherwise you will waste the player’s time. laminated It tends to overload here in areas with dozens of containers, chests, and things to unlock. In certain cases, containers and carcasses will have random drops. On the contrary, some will not have anything to pick up. It gets even worse when you add combat into the equation due to the fist and skull icons appearing in the scene since they represent how enemies are attacked or killed.

I realized that putting more points into the criminal ability is very beneficial. You’ll see that many decent gear pieces can only be found behind locked doors or inside locked containers. This is where the Lockpicking skill comes in. To some degree, you’ll probably want to use the pickpocket skill on hapless NPCs as well.

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Speaking of combat and comrades, your control over them is somewhat limited. You can tell them to move to a specific location while out of combat, but there are times when your character will also move with them or come back near you. You’ll only need to click on their small images and icons to do this, although simply pressing the Tab key to cycle through the characters would be optimal. This leads to moments of friendly fire as I try to snipe targets.

Furthermore, companion weapon skills will not appear on the action bar if they are selected while out of combat and appear to automatically assign points as they level up. If you find a great friend with power tools or long range guns, that person won’t be able to take advantage of stealth and sniping gameplay to take down enemies before they get caught. It’s a very strange decision to make when it comes to game design.

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laminated: What can we look forward to?

laminated It can feel very rough around the edges and messy at times. There are missions that you can track, but they will not be marked on the map. In the meantime, others can simply explode (like not being able to interact with the quest giver at the crossroads after killing all the infected). The multiplicity of people you meet can sometimes become a problem because you hardly remember anyone with a meaningful background. I noticed a certain bug that prevents you from using keyboard controls after loading the save, which means you need to restart the game.

To be fair, we’re still in early access and the developers have promised additional fixes, improvements, and voiceover work. These are sure to add to the atmosphere and immersion in laminatedScientist. Actually, laminated It is a promising and ambitious project, so I hope these issues will be resolved once he graduates Steam Early Access Program In September 2021.

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