Space Punks is a two-stick shooting game by the Shadow Warrior . team

Flying Wild Hog, makers Shadow Warrior, in association with Jagex Partners, publisher runescapeFor a wild space adventure. space villains Not quite like any game FWH is known for. However, it looks forward to continuing the developer’s colorful sense of humor. space villains It is a two-stick shooter, featuring an overhead camera and plenty of bad guys to blast. Oh, and you can play as a pig. Wait, does it fly?

The aforementioned partners in crime dropped a trailer to play with the reveal. space villains It is a cooperative game for up to four players, each leading their own unique space game. The team is led by the “handsome” Duke. He’s joined by “The Crazy,” a brave (non-flying, unfortunately) purple pig man, and the “Smart Guy,” an alien with a penchant for explosives. The team is rounded up by the “Scary Woman,” a woman with some very stuttering tendrils sticking out from her back.

space villains It’s a game that definitely calls out for other space-faring features. The trailer reveals influences ranging from Guardians of the Galaxy And the Borderlands. space villains It uses an art style similar to the latter, with thick comic book-style fonts and bright colors. There’s also a goofy attitude throughout the trailer, where you’re on the edge of perhaps trying a little tough. But what do you expect with a used trailer The original scammer By offspring as a background track? Since the trailer is marked as unlisted, I’ll leave it until it comes out officially.

Wicked space shooter shooter shadow warrior fighting

Through your combined powers

Diverse crew from space villains Use various weapons and abilities. In the trailer, we see the “crazy” pig making a charge that takes out enemies. An alien ally could drop a carpet of small mines, causing a massive explosion. To be honest, it all looks very interesting. The action is hot and loud, which isn’t surprising given how intense some of the battles in Shadow Warrior games are.

space villains It will enter early access starting July 14. The game will include an open trial period starting this winter.

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