Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead and Ironcast are free EGS games next week for July

Will the Epic Games Store stop routinely throwing free games at us? Or will our backlog continue to pile up until the hot death of the universe? Regardless, the Interface shop Already tell us what games are coming out for free at EGS in July. From now until July 8, puzzle game dip spectrum It will be available for download. Next week things get even more popular, with Bridge builder The Walking Dead And the Cast iron It comes right after that. Make sure you put your library in the office as much as possible, otherwise it will take less time to scroll when turning on the client just to go, “Wow, look at all the things I didn’t pay for.”

Bridge builder The Walking Dead It is, of course, a bridge builder game with walking Dead elements. Obviously, you build bridges as part of a puzzle game, and there are only zombies and survivors around you. Also appearing in the game are recognizable characters from the monarchy, such as Eugene, Daryl, Michonne and Captain Zoom B. Killa himself. One of these is not real. You’ll have trouble figuring out which ones, I’m sure. The game was originally launched in November of 2020 and has quite a few surprising reviews on Steam, having scored just 57 at the time of writing.

More free games coming to EGS on July 8th

As for the Cast ironIt is a turn-based strategy game set in late 19th century Steampunk England inspired by the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. The game sees you playing the honorary Ironcasts, which is basically a mechanic. You will need to create resource nodes to operate the robotic weapons, and you will need to play things smart to fend off enemy attacks, both by offensive and defensive means. This is an old title that launched on Steam in March 2015, and has a mostly positive rating from a pool of nearly 700 reviews.

Cast iron

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