The Legend of the Tramp Sword – Majo Kinki (Day Six)

We are now on the sixth day of Jinshin effectThe Legend of the Vagabond Sword event. This means that we will fight Maguu Kenki samurai again. But, there is a certain twist this time around. Anyway, here are the files Jinshin effect A guide to help you on the sixth day of the event of the legend of the Vagabond sword and Maju Kinki chiefs.

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Jinshin effect: Guide to Legend of the Vagabond Sword (Day Six) – Three Maguu Kenki bosses

you still have TartaliaAnd the facialand Bennett and Keqing as characters with a +20% damage bonus. Compared with the previous meetingDespite this, there are some key differences when it comes to modifiers and formats:

  • Skill item cooldown increased by 150%; Elemental Explosions slightly increase the team’s attack – I didn’t do this because I was too dependent on Kazuha’s skill.
  • Protected characters periodically deal electrocution or hail damage to nearby enemies; Reduce attack if characters are not protected by armor.
  • Characters lose 5% of their maximum HP when they deal critical hits. This effect can kill characters if you’re not careful.
  • Maguu Kenki heads can possess Pyro and/or Hydro resistance.
  • Maju Kinki: The Mask of Terror has been added.

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Personally, I found this boss’ fight against Maguu Kenki much easier than the first time. Primarily, this is because you no longer need to worry about instant revive style if you need the extra points. However, you should still beware of the third Maguu Kenki, the Mask of Terror.

This particular enemy has a few attacks that remind us The elite you can face in the Golden Apple Archipelago. It could fire a giant mask in a straight line, or it could cause the giant mask to appear and crush a distant character.

Genshin Impact Legend Of The Vagabond Sword Day 6 The Magu Kinki Three Trainer Guide 2

For this fight, I decided to use KazuhaAnd the juneAnd the Albedo, And the chichi. I actually “forced” into this, ignoring most of the mechanics and shoving my opponents. I used Albedo’s shield and initial blast to avoid Lone Gale’s Blade winds. In hindsight, it might be better to use Beidou here for this electric field, but I haven’t leveled it up.

As for Ganyu, she was there to provide Cryo operations, and her massive explosion definitely helped her. Of course, Kazuha performed his skill/sinking attack and bursts to continue damaging all three. Ideally, you’ll want to group all three when you start hitting them. Otherwise, you will end up wasting a lot of time.

Genshin Impact Legend Of The Vagabond Sword Day 6 Guide Of The Three Magu Kinki Chief 1

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