Dream Engines: Bedouin Cities Turn Early Access to Steam

Dream Engines: Bedouin Cities It comes from China-based publisher Gamera Game and independent developer Suncrash. This is a unique city building title that will be launched in it steam Early access. The developers just revealed a video from the upcoming title that really expands the vision of what this game thrives on.

Players play in a strange world where ancient and powerful technology battles against Dream Plagues. After mankind failed, the remaining tribes had to find a better way to live in the world. Instead of fighting the plague of dreams, they simply enter their city and fly away from it.

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This is a survival city building game with flying cities and mysterious machines. Build, automate and defend your city as you try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of exotic sciences. This is a land infested with nightmares, and fans should be careful when planning their initial strategy.

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advanced society went, and Only the Bedouin tribes survive. They do this by not drawing attention to themselves and using the abandoned projects of the ancients as a means of survival. Players survive in this world through automated production lines that feed, shelter and rescue all of your people.

Defend your city against raids and fly away when the going gets tough. This creates a unique survival experience for players as it combines city building mechanic and tower defense strategies.

Your city has limited space, and you will have to Choose from long-term promotions and disposable infrastructure that you will have to give up. Choose the buildings that you will take with you and that you can live without until the plague is over.

the world Full of unlimited resources That is procedurally generated in each landing zone. Different resources provide different opportunities and challenges throughout the game. Each of them can be designed and upgraded using the facilities in your flying city.

Explore the world With the customizable Steambot in real time. Build, equip and fight enemies in the land with your robotic robot. With this option, players can explore the ruins of the community and discover ancient puzzles throughout the game.

This is a unique combination of survival and city building, and every detail matters. Players will need to balance their weight and fuel, carefully monitor the attacking forces, and strive to survive as long as possible as a nomadic tribe in the sky.

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Dream Engines: Bedouin Cities It is scheduled to be released later this year in Steam Early Access.

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