The WitcherCon gets a full detailed schedule before the start of July

It’s a bit surprising the magician Excellence has reached such heights its strange traditions Now, but here we are. WitcherCon, a digital event starting July 9, will be broadcast in full on the Projekt Red CD YouTube channel And the on Netflix. The event promises surprises and reveals, so fans of the franchise will likely have plenty of reasons to check out the streams. Speaking of which, the The complete schedule for WitcherCon It’s also detailed, which should leave little to the imagination as to what exactly the convention has in store for viewers.

The WitcherCon itself will be split into two groups, both taking place on July 9th. The first stream will start at 1 PM ET, while the second will appear at 9 PM that evening. As for what it’s set to include, there’s a lot on offer. The 1 p.m. broadcast will feature a panel focused on people associated with the upcoming second season of the Netflix series, including Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, Paul Bullion, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Mimî M Khayisa. There will be many additional panels that focus on the franchise in general, as well as the special appearance jwent, Plus the witcher Action figures, and even an entire panel with Henry Cavill, the actor who plays Geralt on the show.

WitcherCon table revealed

For the second broadcast at 9pm, it will show much of the same content as the previous one, but with some new content. There will be the second part of The Witcher franchise panel that appeared in the first half. This second broadcast will also give fans a special look at the upcoming animated series, which should be somewhat exciting. We’ll have more on WitcherCon in July once the broadcast goes live. Hopefully there is no treasure to be found in the water.

Witcher 3

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