Windows 11 borrows Xbox Series X/S-like fast loading speeds for PC gamers

Windows 11 is out of the bag and there are plenty of new things to look forward to as well. Among the suite of productivity tools, PC gaming got a big boost with Windows 11. The main features revolve around the Xbox Game Pass app built into the system and how Microsoft is bringing more games to PC gamers. However, Windows 11 has cleverly borrowed some clever bits from Xbox consoles. Read also – Installing Windows 11: How to download and install the trial version of Windows 11 Preview

While demonstrating Windows 11, Sarah Bond, CVP of Xbox, revealed that Windows 11 has borrowed some technology from the Xbox Series X/S that allows it to improve game load times. It’s called DirectStorage technology and it was borrowed from the latest generation of Xbox consoles. Read also – Your Windows PC can now run Android apps

Windows 11 DirectStorage to link game load times

DirectStorage technology is based on the Xbox Velocity architecture that intelligently allocates specific game assets to the GPU. Hence, when you load a game that supports this technology, you’ll see faster load times for the most detailed maps in any game, Microsoft says. In fact, MS says that players can expect a “lightning fast” loading speed; Allegation seeks to validate players. Read also – Windows 11 launched: the 5 most important features of Windows 11 that make it better than Windows 10

Windows 11 Xbox Game Pass

However, DirectStorage technology will not necessarily be available for computers that have been around since the day Windows 11 came out. Microsoft has made it clear that your computer will need appropriate hardware and drivers to support the technology. “DirectStorage Optimized” says the official Windows 11 blog, configured with the necessary hardware and drivers to enable this amazing experience.

Microsoft states that a portion of this particular hardware requires high-performance NVMe SSD storage on PCs, among other things. Thus, gamers looking to take advantage of this technology can be left waiting for months before these devices come out. Microsoft does not say whether games should be optimized for DirectStorage. It also doesn’t say if this technology will be limited to games downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

We’ve seen these technologies in action on Xbox Xbox X As a gamer, I’m excited to see how much improvement this brings to PC gaming. Windows 11 will also display legacy games based on DirectX 11 in HDR instead of SDR to improve your gaming experience. Hence, players can expect “a much wider range of brightness and color values, giving an additional sense of richness and depth to the image,”

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