Wildermyth Review – Paper Cut Characters You’ll Strangely Associated With

Wildermyth is out of Early Access and is receiving one last batch of polish. The game cuts across genres, fusing Xcom-like tactical gameplay with the character building and decision making of Dungeon and Dragons.

Everything is paper cut. Like two children using pieces of colored paper to tell a story. Wildermyth manages to capture this whimsical fantasy and then fine-tune it with a truly complex blend of abilities, items, and top-down tactical gameplay.

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The game is not easy. Let’s just get this out of the way. There are a lot of overlapping systems that require a little getting used to, like using your legendary characters to enchant parts of the environment, strategizing your hunter that doesn’t get them to get one shot by an angry enemy, and making sure your warrior doesn’t just crash his head during every fight.

Your character’s death can be very upsetting. The procedurally generated story forms some serious connection between the player and the characters, and between the characters themselves. One death isn’t the end of your characters, but more than once and they’re gone for good.

Because of the way you progress, with each campaign flowing into the next, once you lose one of your best characters, it can feel like every battle is an uphill struggle through raging pigs and big monsters.

You might be tempted to reboot once you lose your characters at first, and I’ll be honest, I did, OnceBut the next time I lost someone important, I thought I’d go on and see what happens. The game offers you opportunities to get back into the game even when you lose your 6th level warrior, but it is not Easy.

However, Wildermyth’s challenge is what makes her compelling. Although the story is procedurally generated with dozens of different unique events, at some point you’ll start to experience the same rough story plot, even if the actual writing, scene construction, and character relationships are different.

However, the game still looks very fresh thanks to its unique design

You can have a character stay with you for two hours of play, fall in love twice, their lovers die, have children, their children die, drifting in a storm covering their bodies in lightning that saturates their abilities with electrical energy, before their heads finally turn into a wolf…

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Wildermyth feels very repeatable with a variety of unique mechanics that make each round very enjoyable. Worth picking up if you enjoy dungeons and dragonsAnd the Xcom, or anything in between.

Oh, and there is a co-op multiplayer mode available, although this review was written from a single player perspective. Just fun!

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