TI10, Dota 2, may not happen in Sweden

Dota 2 Fans were thrilled to hear about The International (TI)’s biggest annual event. Back in 2021. However, Sweden, the host country of the event, decided that esports is not a professional sport. too much Dota 2 Players, talents and employees who hope to attend TI10 will have their visas to Sweden denied on this basis.

According to the advertisement On the Dota 2 The Stockholm Live website and Valve’s Stockholm visit confirmed that TI10 qualifies for the same exemptions as traditional elite sporting events in Sweden. However, two weeks ago, the Swedish Sports Federation voted against accepting esports into the federation.

Valve immediately held a meeting with the Swedish esports federation and a visit to Stockholm to see what could be done to rectify the situation. Was told to contact the Swedish Interior Minister to reclassify the international as an elite sporting event. I did. This request was immediately rejected.

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The constant battle for recognition

After doing some amateur sleuthing, I discovered a sport that the Swedish Sports Federation considers “elite”. The well-supported and highly paid sports of bowling, curling, table tennis, and walking (yes, one leg at a time) are some of Sweden’s elite. There is also something called varpa, which involves throwing heavy metal discs at a stick.

TI10 boasts a prize pool of more than $40 million USD. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s more than all players in all the sports I mentioned above earn annually.

Valve is now waiting for the Swedish government to help find a solution to this problem. So far, nothing has been announced. So Valve began looking for an alternative venue in Europe. The Dota 2 The developer has also expressed confidence that it will be able to host TI10 this year. The TI Qualifiers will continue as planned, starting on June 23.

To finish on a lighter note, the announcement ended with the reveal that a new event, called Nemestice, is coming to Dota 2 this summer. Valve has not released any other information about the event. However, trusted Doat 2 Insider (Who might Icefrog be?) Reddy shared the photo below on Twitter.

Dota 2 Nemestice

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