Microsoft Flight Simulator World 5 update is now available

Asobo is officially released world update 5 to Microsoft Flight Simulator Which brings a whole range of improvements to the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. These countries are famous for their stunning landscapes and historical architecture, so this new update enhances the visual fidelity of those areas in Microsoft Flight Simulator To bring it closer to the level of real world environments.

The global update 5 includes improved satellite imagery, as well as improved data for 100 airports, making it more accurate. Art designers have handcrafted 77 new Points of Interest, which include several castles, historic churches, cathedrals, bridges, stadiums, and more. The elevation data for Nordic countries has also been improved, making amazing rock formations, valleys, mountains and such more intimidating and attractive.

The only things missing from this new global update are the new photogrammetry-enabled cities, which means the cities generated by artificial intelligence and urbanization still exist. Perhaps in the future, as developers collect more data, this can be improved further.

As always, Asobo has released a stunning new trailer showcasing the enhanced areas in their newfound glory:

world growing up

This new world update coincides with the release of Asobo’s weekly Development Update blog. Not surprisingly, there are no huge new announcements for Microsoft Flight Simulator In this week’s blog due to the focus on global update 5, but indicates that it is long overdue Major performance update It will finally arrive on July 27.

The upcoming update, officially nicknamed Sim Update 5, will include a lot of improvements over the PC version Microsoft Flight Simulator That the developers learned from creating the Xbox Series X Editions | S recently revealed sim. In fact, both the update and the Xbox version of the sim were released on the same day. DirectX 12 support on PC been detected It will be rolling out alongside the Xbox version a while ago, but according to the latest notes snapshot, the developers have simply named DirectX 12 under the “2021” release. This seems to indicate that the above performance upgrades may not immediately include this.

Looking to the future, the next global update of Microsoft Flight Simulator Arriving on August 24, it will focus on strengthening Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After that, Sim Update 6 will then be released sometime in mid-September.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Northern Europe 5 sim update

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