Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass will have a free version that includes new maps and specialists

confirmed through battlefield 2042 Officially broadcasting “Battlefield Briefing” on Twitch today, the game’s lead designers have confirmed that new Battlefield 2042 maps and specialists will cost nothing, to prevent a split of the player base across paid DLC maps and paid specialists.

This has been a huge problem in Battlefield V and other Battlefield games in the past. DLC maps often divide servers and mean that newcomers can’t always enjoy everything the game has to offer. Unlike previous Battlefield games, the new content will be completely free.

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Each Battle Pass will include new maps, four new Specialists, and other core, unconfirmed game content. There are four seasons planned for the first year of the game’s life cycle. It is very exciting to see DICE develop a clear plan for the Live Service portion of Battlefield after the failure of Battlefield V.

Although the basic content will be free, there is a paid version of the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass that will include cosmetics. This likely follows the pattern of earlier Battlefield cosmetics, with skins for soldiers and vehicles.

It’s very clear that Specialists will be the main change in Battlefield. Even though the class system is still in place in the game, Specialists will be how everyone’s experience in the game will be shaped. Thank you, DICE, for not charging for the franchise.

During today’s Battlefield Backstage, it was confirmed that Specialists will be able to change their gadgets and weapons, and this will have a huge impact on how the game is played. Examples include: Recon Specialists (more to be confirmed) can carry a shotgun as a secondary rifle, and change their disconnect tools along with their Specialist tool.

Other news from today’s stream confirmed the sheer size of the maps, more about dynamic weather at various levels, as well as a deep dive into one of the new game modes: Hazard Zone.

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The developers were quick to point out that Hazard Zone isn’t a Battle Royale game, although it does focus on small, intense team-based combat that definitely feels more competitive. Maybe Battlefield finally succeeds in objective/competitive round-based shooter, like Call of Duty or CS: GO? Who knows.

More information about Battlefield will be revealed at EA Play in July. The danger zone will get more coverage after that.

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