Avalanche Studios ‘Contraband announced with teaser trailer

Avalanche Studios is known for its games about open world chaos and explosions. So far, though, he’s working on something a little different. With a teaser revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda game show, contraband announced With a trailer, and you’ll arrive at Xbox Games Pass on day one. It’s been a long time since the studio made a game that wasn’t sandboxed. Come to think of it, the only game from Avalanche that fit this description was a mobile game Rumble City, released in 2015. Every other game they’ve made takes place in an open world.

contrabandAlthough it is co-op, it is also set in an open world. The game takes place in the seventies in a fictional place called Bayan. There isn’t a lot of info on what exactly the game is, but it’s touted as a co-op smuggling game, so it will likely task players with navigating an open world to successfully move featured goods across the map. The game will make use of the company’s Apex engine, which we’ve seen in previous games like Just a reason 4. While there isn’t much to go on, the announcement trailer offers some brief hints about what we can expect.

contraband declared, undated

The contraband The trailer begins with announcing that the game is being done as a collaboration between Xbox Games Studios and Avalanche, before showing some equipment scattered on the tables. Next, the camera moves to reveal a map with model cars and notes showing an optimal smuggling route. Polaroid pictures are suspended from the wire, suggesting the collaborative and open-world elements. The camera moves to show some potential items scattered around, as well as a frozen shot of a person lying under a car while sparks fly, which could indicate that the vehicle customization seen crazy max It might come back in some form.

There isn’t a lot of hard info just yet, but we’ll have more as it develops.

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