Sword of the Necromancer releases a new DLC for PC and console fans

Popular dungeon crawler ARPG Necromancer sword New DLC releases later this month. The game is published by Tesura Games and developed by Grimorio of Games and JanduSoft. Originally, this title was launched with a basic story mode and immediately garnered a huge following of its famous adventures.

As a roguelike experience, players will dive deeper and deeper into the dungeon as they search for the power to revive Coco. This is a story of love, action, adventure and battle through a deep and exciting dungeon. With new DLC on its way, players will have even more content to explore on their epic journey.

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This is a unique journey through the dungeon where players fight and revive their enemies to build an army of the dead. using the forces of Necromancer sword A rogue named Tama, they will travel to the depths of the dungeon on an epic journey.

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The New DLC will be freeand will introduce 3 new game modes for fans to truly test their skills. In addition, players can expect 10 new monsters, 8 new bosses, and an additional epilogue that extends the end of the story. Explore the all-new chapter and see what really happens once it’s all over.

The New Challenge Mode It will allow fans to replay the base game with new random twists. This will push players through the five floors as usual, but new enemies and unexpected encounters await fans at every turn.

the game as well Enter Colosseum Mode وضع, giving fans the opportunity to fight against hordes of enemies. Start at level 1 and defy death as you battle enemies and progress. Chain combos, find items and survive as long as possible in this battle environment.

Boss Rush will give players a chance to fight 5 bosses in a row without interruption. The Bosses will be tougher and a mix of new and old options. Use your existing adventure supplies, level up, and battle with the dash of boss battles attack. Completing this mode will unlock one of the original bosses as a game summon.

Dungeon Builder provides players with a chance to customize their own dungeon environment. This will give players the ability to design tunnels, set traps, place enemies, and share them online with others.

Playing new modes also adds codes to the game, which can be exchanged for items in the Item Shop. This will rotate daily, but it is a useful option for players wanting to unlock all kinds of weapons and relics.

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The downloadable content is scheduled to be released on June 24.

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