Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon let you be a Maverick from Top Gun

The Xbox and Bethesda game show was a treat for fans at E3 this year, a lot Fan favorite games offered. Microsoft Flight Simulator Fans were treated to a few ads, too. The first is that the game will arrive on Xbox Series X | S on July 27. The second, and important for PC gamers, is that Microsoft Flight Simulator Obtains Top Gun Maverick DLC.

The expansion was co-created with Paramount Studios to launch the new Best Movie. You will witness a Maverick journey Microsoft Flight Simulator Fall 2021. Well, you’ll see you’re flying as a Maverick.

The movie’s release date is currently November 19. So, expect the downloadable content to go down somewhere at that time. I’m not an expert on fighter planes, but I saw two different planes in the trailer. One took off from an aircraft carrier in the ocean and the other took off from a distant runway. Therefore, it is likely that there will be at least two new aircraft in the expansion.

I feel the need for speed

There are two types of items Best. The best bird and the best dogfight. The Top Gun Maverick The DLC will focus on the former. it’s a Microsoft Flight Simulator after all. I highly doubt that there will be any real combat in the game.

You can look forward to flying through canyons (something I’ve always wanted to do) and trying to land an expensive piece of machinery on an aircraft carrier (something I always fail to do in video games). You can also look forward to just flying through the clouds or over the sea and enjoying the game’s stunning visuals.

DLC will get more information near the release of the movie. If you are looking for more news about E3 and its different editions, releases, and trailers, check out our site event coverage here.

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