The Soulstice trailer gives me some serious Berserk vibes

I’m all for dark fantasy, especially games that embrace this particular and brutal genre. Of course, the announcement of Solstice You managed to get me out of the E3 tull while showing off PC games earlier today. It obviously takes some cues from soulsThey resemble toys, which makes their name a little on the nose. The gameplay trailer to Solstice As the game clearly shows Rambunctious Effects, so I’m totally on board.

Solstice It stars Briar, who wears dark armor and wields a formidable sword. In fact, it appears to be a great sword; Like a piece of iron. She’s also missing one eye, and embraces that Guts style. But despite the size of the weapon, Briar is quick on its feet, dodging strikes and tearing enemies to bloody pieces.

Floating behind her is not a fairy, but her sister, Lotte. In the game’s story, both Briar and Lute are transformed into Chimera, giving each sister a unique power. For Brier, it was bestowed with speed and strength. However, the Oud was the more unfortunate of the two, as her soul was torn from her body. Now, Lotte is related to her sister, helping her with spiritual powers. Well, there are some Fullmetal Alchemist Here too (sort of). you know what? I love the sound Solstice more and more.

Soulstice - Trailer for E3 Berserk 2

Take them down, one by one

Such as Solstice Very similar to an RPG Evil spirits, expect some big men to fight. gameplay trailer for Solstice Show off some one-on-one battles against some incredibly tough looking enemies. There is one that looks fast and agile and is armed with a bow. There’s also a chunky boy swinging around a huge hammer.

The game will involve more than just combat. Solstice You’ll brag about exploration and puzzle solving, highlighting the ‘coming of age’ story where sisters bond over bloodshed.

Solstice he is going to Computer via Steam in 2022.

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