Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Invasion: Guides & Feature Hub

We are now moving from the Stone Age to the future in It is an electronic game Season Seven: The Conquest. There are aliens with UFOs, and more superheroes, and even Rick and Morty Crossing. On top of that, there is another long list of gameplay changes that are meant to spice things up for another couple of months of gameplay. This season is particularly interesting due to the mix of new content and classic weapons/mechanics. Thanks to new content along with the return of launchers, snipers and other previously popular weapons, the old is new again.

While this chapter It didn’t display a great deal of narrative content to go along with the alien invasion, there’s still a file Quick trailer to watch. However, once you get into the game, you will quickly realize how confusing it is It is an electronic game Season 7: Invasion upon first landing. You see, all the content in the trailer isn’t immediately obvious.

Epic’s patch notes are a little shaky now at best. Perhaps this season is all about discovering the unknown. This shouldn’t be a problem for you though. We’ve put together a list of guides on how to do everything from getting new UFOs, to getting the best weapons, completing missions, and finding the right NPCs.

This list will also continue to grow throughout the season, so check back regularly for more features and guides for weekly challenges and secret content. Here’s the Battle Pass offer below in case you’re wondering what the rewards will look like this season.

It is an electronic game Chapter 2 Season 7 – Hub of Evidence and Features

All new map changes and locations – There are only a few changes to Points of Interest, but Epic has added a lot of new attractions for you to see elsewhere. Check out new IO rules all over the map.

All new weapons, weapon changes and crafting mechanics Knowing what’s past from the primeval season and what’s new is the key to victory. Make sure you know what each new weapon does and how to get it.

An epic stirs up space guns for season seven – remember this? Epic hinted at a lot of things for season 7. The Pulsar 7000 rifle was a clear proof, but it’s not in the game at the moment. Check out our Weapon Changes guide to learn more.

Where to find all the exotic weapons and prices Everyone loves weapons with special characteristics. There’s a little more to grab this season, but you’ll need to know who’s stocking them and how much gold you need.

How to get the legendary pulse gun – Only one person has an Epic Weapon at the moment this season. Here’s who you need to see for this high-resolution, high-definition rifle.

Where do you find all the NPCs – There are 17 of them this season. They don’t offer all the perks they did previously, but you’ll want to visit them too. Some more than others.

All Bounty Board locations around the map – While previous seasons are just as important, you’ll need to pick up rewards at some point. Rewards are an easy source to earn gold bars, and interacting with the Bounty Board is the only way to get rewards now.

Where to find weapon upgrade seats – NPCs no longer offer weapon upgrades. You will need to find these stations to get better weapons.

How to catch live llamas – These loot boxes that look like pinatas have become living creatures that will spit items on you as they escape. Find out how Epic has fixed the llamas this season and what you need to do to get them.

Where to find cosmic chests and how to open them – These rare new chests offer enough rewards for the whole team. You never know what the reward will be, but it must be good. You can also receive more exotic artifacts from them to further customize Kymera’s appearance.

How to find and use unidentified flying objects – Be the invader with these new fast flying attack ships. You can even bring the whole team for a ride.

Challenges of the missions of the invasion guide season seven of season seven

Weekly Challenge Questions and Tips

Where do you find a public phone site? Your One Quest tasks by visiting a pay phone to answer the call. Find out where to find one of these to claim your 30,000 XP bonus and how to use it to get more gold bars.

Where do you put the rubber ducks – This first week mission is simple enough. You just need to spread some rubber ducks in the right places to earn 30,000 XP.

How to get Superman and Rick Sanchez skins – These two are sure to draw crowds. Find out what you need to do to become a man of steel and a mad scientist.

Where to find repair machines – You will need to find one of the healing vending machines to complete this challenge and earn 30,000 XP reward. Here are the sites.

Where do you find strange artifacts during the first week – If you want to give Kymera’s exotic skin a truly unique look, you’ll need to get as many of these exotic artifacts to unlock the different styles.

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