Fortnite Guide – All Season 7 Season 7 Character Locations and What’s In them

It is an electronic game season seven I’m off to a good start with all the changes Epic has made to the gameplay. Obviously, UFOs and aliens hanging around different locations are the focus of Season 7 of It is an electronic gameHowever, NPCs still play an important role in helping players. What is surprising is that there are fewer NPCs now. We’re talking less than half of the number that appeared in seasons 5 and 6 of It is an electronic game Chapter 2.

The total diversity of available interactions has also diminished. Players can no longer do things like upgrade weapons or get rewards from NPCs in Season 7. Weapon upgrade seats And the Rewards boards Exclusively handle these duties now. However, gold bullion is still in the game and remains an important currency to gain advantages to get more winnings. While the NPCs are no longer the one-stop shop they once were, knowing their locations will be important to complete future missions to earn rewards and experience points.

Once you know all the NPC locations for Season 7 of للموسم It is an electronic game. You will be able to take full advantage of every situation. As they say, knowledge is power.

Fortnite Season 7 All Npc locations summon weapons

All Season 7 NPCs, locations, and what they offer

Below are all the NPCs listed in the order in which they appear in the collection list. You can read about where to find each of these NPCs in their spawn locations as well as learn more about the weapons, items, perks and the number of missions they offer in them It is an electronic game Seventh season. However, it should be noted that some NPC character inventories will vary from match to match. It’s worth getting to know what they have though. Some offer new options such as the ability to mentor a bus driver, recovery, and contact Mass Supply Drops. even a few They have strange weapons.

You can refer to the map above for a general overview of where to find these numbered characters. There is an anthology at the end of this post as well.

Fortnite Abstrakt Season 7 Retail Location Map

1. Abstract – The famous street artist can be found at the north end of Retail Row behind the large building. Abstrakt offers two missions and sells the exotic Marksman Six Shooter pistol along with the option to purchase Prop Disguise.

2. Jonesy? – This NPC appears to have been bugged at the moment and is not in the game. Similar case Happened in season 5 الموسم. This character will be updated once it is working as intended.

Fortnite Guggimon Lockie's Lighthouse Season 7 Map Location

3. jojimun This shiny bunny whose name sounds like a rapper can be found at Lockie’s Lighthouse. This character will attack you as soon as you see it and you need to defeat it before a friendly version of it appears. Guggimon offers two missions and sells the Night Hawk Exotic pistol with the option to mentor the bus driver.

Fortnite Sunny Season 7 Map Believer Beach

4. Sunny – This space enthusiast usually appears on the pier at Believer Beach. She wanders around and may be in town sometimes. Sunny Quest offers one and sells a blue Pump Shotgun along with a Tip the Bus Driver option.

Fortnite Bunker Jonesy Season 7 Map

5. Jonesy Bunker – This hermit is appearing at Lumber Lodge now. Bunker Jonesy offers two missions and sells the Activate Rift repost feature. This makes visiting it a worthwhile stop if you need to leave this part of the map quickly.

Fortnite Bushranger Season 7 Map Location

6. Bushranger – This strange and friendly creature in the woods is hanging near the river between Risky Reels and Boney Burb. Bushranger offers two missions and sells coconuts (a consumable for armor) and a prop masquerade feature.

Fortnite Dreamflower Location Season 7 Map

7. Dream flower – This hippie is way too far in the middle of nowhere, though Flopper Pond would probably ring the bell. It is located northeast of Holly Hedges. Dreamflower offers two quests and sells blue shields, an instant healing Patch Up feature that works like an on-site Medkit, and a Tip the Busdriver option.

Npc Fortnite Aerial Map

8. aerial – This mercenary, that is, the other, resides on the west side of Dirty Docks not too far from the road. Joey (if that’s his real name) offers two missions and sells a blue assault rifle (sometimes a purple variant) along with a Prop Disguise feature.

Fortnite Hayseed Location Map Season 7 Missions

9. Hasid – This farmer appears to have replaced Farmer Steel. As disappointing as it is, the new guy can be found roaming the Steel Farm. As if he owns the place. Yes. Hayseed offers two missions and sells Patch Up along with a prop masquerade feature.

Fortnite Marigold Lazy Lake Map Season 7

10. plush – Midas’ sister can be found in Lazy Lake in the modern home to the southeast. Walk around the entire building. Marigold offers two missions and sells nuts and bolts manufacturing materials For lateral classification. You can also pay her for an overall offer drop.

Fortnite Maven Season 7 Sitemap

11. veteran – This reporter hangs out at Base IO located east of Craggy Cliffs, also north of Apple Orchard. Maven offers two missions and sells a blue pistol along with the exotic Shadow Tracker pistol. You can also pay her to reveal the next Storm Circle.

Fortnite Rick and Morty Map Season 7 Sanchez Locations 12

What’s up nerd?

12. Rick Sanchez – World famous from Rick and Morty Hanging in Defiant Dish, IO’s base on the hill east of Weeping Woods. Look at the top floor of the main building. Rick Sanchez’s Quest offers one and sells nuts, bolts, bandages, and the option to activate the rift.

Riot Fortnite 13 . Map

13. riot – This villain is waiting near the west side of the Yellow Bridge that lies between Misty Meadows and Katie Corner. You will need to defeat him before the friendly version appears. Riot offers two missions and sells the Storm Scout Sniper along with the Mass Supply Drop order.

Fortnite Rook Season 7 Io Base Location Map

14. Deceive – This agent resides at the base of Dockside Dish IO. It is located near Highland Lake between Retail Row and Corny Complex, or southwest of Dirty Docks. Rook offers two quests, sells a blue Bolt Sniper, sticky fish, and arranges a Mass Supply Drop.

Special Forces 16 Fortnite map

15th. special forces – While the name is a bit generic, this martial expert can be found at the entrance to the underground military base east of Cady’s Corner. Special Forces offers two missions and sells a blue SMG. You can hire this character or challenge him to get the Purple Tactical SMG.

Fortnite Slurpy Swamp Stalker Season 7 Character Location Guide Map

16. swamp stalker This professional Wrangler fish can be found at a shack south of Slurpy Swamp, east of Base IO. Swampy Stalker serves two jobs and sells baby potatoes (green healthy consumables), nuts and bolts, and wooden building materials.

17. Dr. Sloan – This IO chief lurks in an underground base in the Corny Complex. It’s hostile, but you can have Legendary Pulse Rifle Of which.

Fortnite All Character Locations Season 7 Npcs Weapon Missions

You’ll notice that #2 is completely bugged by now, but Bunker Jonesy can now be found. Even after talking to him, the icon may not appear in the Anthology.

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