Dan Salvato reveals on Twitter about Doki Doki Literature Club Plus

Doki Doki Literature ClubTeam Salvato’s free visual novel went dormant in 2017. Gamers and critics alike enjoyed the game for its disruptive style in the visual novel genre, and it quickly racked up millions of downloads. Most likely due to this success, developer Dan Salvato revealed an updated re-release of the game, dubbed Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Across Twitter thread During IGN’s Summer of Games.

The re-release features a whole host of additional features not found in the original game. One of the additions comes in the form of new side stories, which Salvato describes as “stories of friendship and literature, set outside the time frame of the original game.” The update includes six side stories, each focusing on a specific pair of characters and their relationships with each other. Salvato also promised an in-game music player with 26 tracks and a set of 100 images to unlock, greatly increasing the game’s replayability. Finally, the game features the mandatory HD upgrade, although Salvato ensured that the story and gameplay would remain “as authentic and true to the original as possible”.

Competitive player turned visual novel developer

Previously played by Salvato Super Smash Bros. Millie competitively and help develop popularity تطوير project m modern. His conflicting feelings about the anime combined with his love for the stranger led him to work on the original Doki Doki Literature Club. The game soon became famous for its contrasting colors. At first, the game presents itself as a typical hilarious visual novel, but later on it introduces more and more elements of horror and fourth wall breaking.

Salvato raised additional content for the game Back in 2020The size of the update nonetheless seems surprising. Fans will undoubtedly love the huge number of features Doki Doki Literature Club Plus It adds to the original experience. Players can expect to get this update starting June 30th.

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