Harry Kane and Marco Reus join Fortnite Season 7

Access It is an electronic game Season 7 introduced a bunch of brand new content for players to enjoy. Introduce the new alien invasion battle pass, the new Areas of interest, and more. One aspect of the game that Epic Games has been particularly excited about lately is crossovers. Presentation of the seventh season Superman and Rick Sanchez for the game. Now a new crossover is about to launch, and that’s good news for football fans. Harry Kane and Marco Reus join The Icon Series in It is an electronic game.

Harry Kane is the England captain and Marco Reus is Germany’s two-time player of the year. There is no doubt that cosmetics for prestigious football players will be in great demand.

How to get Harry Kane and Marco Reus skins It is an electronic game

Kane and Reus skins will be available for purchase from the in-game Item Shop. Epic Games confirmed The decks will be available June 11 at 8 p.m. ET. You will be able to choose which player you would like to purchase, as they will be available separately. However, you can also buy both in a bundle. It is not known how many V-Bucks the skins will cost. Harry Kane’s skin will be accompanied by a Sweet Victory and Back Bling expression. Likewise, the skin of Marco Reus will have its own back, with the expression of the three monkeys.

This is not the first intersection that It is an electronic game Featuring football players and teams. Last season, players were able to unlock Neymar Jr.’s skin. and interact with his NPC. In addition, 23 former football teams from all over the world have been added. It will be interesting to see if the developers take football crosshairs even further in the future. Given the popularity of these crossovers, you should expect to face Harry Kane and Marco Reus in the future It is an electronic game matches.

Football skins Fortnite Marcus Reus and Harry Kane

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