Two Point Campus has been revealed with an announcement announcement

Not satisfied with just a simple old hospital, Two Point Campus Now on its way, it has been revealed with a brand new ad trailer. Since it has a campus in the title, it should come as no surprise that the game is set in a university. That’s right, you’re going to run a school and hopefully not force students to buy expensive textbooks, all while grating them with years of student loans that end up causing huge stress after they get a degree that didn’t actually help them get a job. Although that would definitely make for a one minute game.

Two Point Campus is set to It will be released in 2022, so there is a little waiting ahead. In case it wasn’t clear, the game is all about building your own campus. The game gives you the tools to make one as you see fit. You will build the place in large outdoor areas and you can choose the location of each tree individually if your heart desires. You can put walkways between buildings, as well as fountains and sculptures, things an expensive college campus shouldn’t be without.

Multiply the books in two Point Campus Trailer ad

Of course, this is a wacky college game, so one of the biggest selling points is the courses themselves. These include wild courses such as a gastronomy class that sees students make giant pizzas. There is even a Knight School, where everyone learns how to fencing and riding a horse. This sounds more like a mid-’90s summer camp show on Nickelodeon with every extra sentence.

This he is A management game, though. You will hire and manage staff, build libraries, and monitor your bank balance all the time. Are you a bad enough guy to give people a worthwhile education? Find out when Two Point Campus launches next year.

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