Iron Harvest launches Operation Eagle expansion for PC

iron harvesting It is a unique RTS game that tells an alternate version of the First World War. By adding steampunk technology, the title pits players into the battlefield with the goal of conquering other lands. Control armies, destroy your enemies and experience the change of era firsthand.

This game released the new Operation Eagle expansion that adds diesel-punk planes to the battlefield Iron harvest. This is the game’s first major add-on, and it includes flying units, new multiplayer maps, and a full single-player co-op campaign for the game’s community to enjoy.

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As the Great War continues in Europe, the American nation of Osonia enters the conflict. By strengthening its industry, professionalizing its army, and mastering its air force, Usonia is ready to take its place on the world stage.

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This A new operation expands the already huge title From iron harvesting By adding an entirely new faction. The American Confederation of Osonia has so far remained far from the Great War.

This made it unnoticed by many European countries, but this did not prevent it from becoming an economic and military power.

Osonia’s army brings the powerful Diesel Birds to the battlefield along with other new buildings and units for all factions. This enhances the basic list of iron harvesting It gives players a variety of options to defend and Attack in this RTS experience.

In essence, the game adds more than 20 new units, a full campaign, three playable heroes, and new allies from the Arabian Peninsula. Flying units will be available to all factions as well as air defenses, and multiple new maps have appeared.

exist Dozens of new skins and seasons This unique title has been planned, and players are sure to find abundant opportunities in the future of the game. New DLC is available for purchase, and as usual requires a copy of the base game to enjoy.

Inclusive, iron harvesting It’s a war game Best suited for tactically minded players. While the game is aimed at teens and adults, players who accept the horrors of war may find this title fun even at younger ages.

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It should be noted that iron harvesting It is a fictional metaphor for war and does not represent any exact history. The game can be found on both steam and GOG along with an all-new DLC expansion.

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