The Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection PC port looks tough like a dog

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection It brings together two of the best hack-and-slash games ever, as well as Ninja Gaiden 3, and releases tomorrow on Steam. Fans’ delight in the outlet’s announcement was quickly followed by disappointment that the versions of the first two ported games were Sigma releases: the newer versions feel little improvement over Ninja Gaiden Black or 2. But it’s only getting worse…

In the lead up to the game’s release, the game’s Steam page has been updated, and there are some amazing scenes. Would you like to change the resolution? Of course you do, let’s go to the options menu and… wait, what?

To configure the resolution, open the game properties from your Steam library. By entering “720p”, “1080p” or “4k” in the “LAUNCH OPTIONS” text field, you can fix the resolution to the corresponding value. By setting the game to a lower resolution, you can reduce Download treatment.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

(Image credit: Team Ninja)

Yes, this is a $50 computer port. This might make some of you nostalgic: there was a time when most of the big name PC ports from Japanese developers appeared in this kind of situation. However, as we all know, a true ninja will reassemble the core and then the game.

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