How to get Superman and Rick Sanchez skins in Fortnite Season 7

It is an electronic game Season 7 brought a bunch of new content to Battle Royale. This includes the ability to UFO fly Get loot out of your hands cosmic chests and more. As usual, a new season means a new brand Battle Pass for the first time. The pass features many new rewards such as skins, axes, and emotes. Also, It is an electronic game Season 7 contains some of the well known characters included in the battle pass which are none other than Superman and Rick Sanchez.

To unlock Rick Sanchez, you will need to reach the last level of the Battle Pass. While that will take some time for most players to reach, there is a positive side. Thanks to the new Battle Stars progression system, you’ll be able to purchase Rick Sanchez first at the Ultimate Tier level if you wish. The skin costs nine Battle Stars to unlock, so you’ll need to budget appropriately when you reach level 90.

In addition, the Hammer Morty pickaxe costs seven stars and the Butter Robot Back Bling costs six stars. To get to his weapon shell, you will have to pay five stars and another six stars for the glider. With Rick Sanchez being a 100-level skin primer, it’s understandable that all cosmetics have a cost.

Fortnite Superhero Skin Battle Pass

Become Superman in It is an electronic game

Superman is the latest superhero to join It is an electronic game. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait longer to unlock it. Superman and his cosmetics are locked behind a countdown timer, which means they can’t be purchased until August 12th. Once you unlock it, you still have to buy its 11 cosmetics with battle stars. Fortunately, you should have a lot of battle stars by then.

The It is an electronic game The battle pass already features crossovers with Superman and Rick Sanchez. It will be interesting to see if Epic Game has any other crossovers planned for later this season.

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