Hellraid update adds a new story mode today

Hellraid has been added to dying light A while ago it brought a fairly short but fun dungeon action with it. However, the update has added more. Although Techland is now working hard on the looming sequel, they surprised us with a free DLC update. It’s a new story mode that adds weapons, areas, and visual effects. update is Available now on computers and consoles. The update gives players a great reason to get back in the game, and it’s a solid way to get the game back in people’s heads ahead of the sequel’s supposed release later this year.

Hellraid’s new story mode has a narrative focus, unlike the initial DLC offering. In it, players will be sent to the Temple of Ba’als to rescue a wizard named Lucius who has been captured. This mode has three new missions in it. They are called Clavis, Prisoned, and Beneath Seals, and all three can be played either by yourself or with your friends. On top of these missions, there are also two new weapons. You can go toe-to-toe with enemies with the two-handed hammer, the Skullcrusher, or you can fight from afar with the Corrupt Justice, a bow.

Dying Light Hellraid . Update

That’s not the last word on Hellraid, of course. dying light More story missions will be added to the DLC over time. The update also improved the visuals of the raid mode in the DLC, making the atmosphere darker and more unsettling. This comes on the heels of the release Dying Light Platinum Edition, which was added in Hellraid along with the next version of the game, which included the original, as well as its major rural expansion. Now seems like a very good time to jump into Hellraid, or you can always wait for more episodes. There is no information about when we can expect the story to conclude. At this rate, it may take a while to release the sequel later this year.

Dying Light Hellraid . Update

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