Where can you destroy scary TVs in Fortnite Season 6 challenge

It is an electronic game Chapter 2 Primal Season 6 It’s coming to an end and getting ready for what it looks like An alien invasion is imminent. There are still last-minute opportunities to level up your Battle Pass if you’re not completely satisfied with your progress so far. Leaving unclaimed V-Bucks on the battle lane is never ideal, and Super leveling skins It’s definitely a good reason to get past the level 100 mark. Completing the past few XP missions is your best bet for achieving your goals. One It is an electronic game Quest requires you to destroy scary TVs, but it doesn’t provide locations. This guide will show you where to find them and how to best complete this challenge.

There are seven scary TVs scattered around It is an electronic game a map. You will need to find five of them, so you will not be able to complete this task in just one match. It’s best to keep the sites in mind as you work on other tasks so that you can visit each site along the way to other goals. You will surely encounter other players trying to complete this challenge as well, so be careful.

All 7 Scary TV Sites

All you are looking for is a TV with one or two chairs installed on it. The TV screen is lit and glowing, so each should be very clear. Just interact with each person to get credit.

One is located on a small sandy island northeast of Craggy Cliffs. Next is to the west of Fort Crumpet, somewhat hidden behind a bush near a cliff on the island’s west coast. You can find another spooky TV set in a small orchard northeast of Holly Hedges. Travel southeast to Slurpy Swamp, and you’ll find a TV set away about halfway between Slurpy Swamp and the Flush Factory. Next up is a campground on a cliff just north of the island called Camp Cod.

You can find another TV set just west of Lake Lazy between two tall trees on a hill overlooking the river. The last television set is located in the Highlands area southeast of Dirty Docks. Look for a small group of trees halfway between the two power line structures and you’ll find another scary TV set far away at the base of one of the trees.

Fortnite Destroy Spooky Tv Collections Guide

Once you destroy five scary TVs, you will receive an additional 24,000 XP that will rank you up in the ranking It is an electronic game Battle Pass. You will need much more than that to get the best rewards this season. Verify It is an electronic game Primal Season 6 Axle guides and features For more instructions so you can grow XP as quickly as possible.

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