Intel Alder Lake release date leaked, 10nm desktop processors scheduled for mid-fall

If you’ve been holding off on upgrading to Intel’s new desktop CPU for quite some time now, the latest report from a notable hardware leak might be the news you’ve been waiting for. Intel’s highly anticipated Alder Lake lineup is now said to have a release date of October 25th. Just in time for some high-performance scary games during Halloween.

Moore’s Law died Reveal the news in Q&A’s latest YouTube live stream among a discussion of several other industry events behind the scenes. October 25 seems like a realistic time frame to anticipate Alder Lake, despite previous rumors indicating a September release date. However, things are getting late these days, so a one-month delay to October shouldn’t come as a surprise or hard to bear.

Everything falls into place

We now know that Microsoft too Plans to release A new version of Windows later this year. The new version of Windows will likely be optimized to work with a radically different Intel architecture. Apart from that, countless memory manufacturers Confirmed now Which will launch DDR5 products this year. It seems like it’s all about Intel now, and there’s a good reason for that.

Intel Alder Lake 10nm Performance Gaming CPU Release Date

Intel literally showed us Alder Lake earlier this year. Maybe we’ll actually see some numbers soon. Doing this at a Microsoft Windows event wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Not only will Alder Lake represent a departure from the 14nm silicon used in Intel products since 2014, it will represent the first substantially different Intel architecture since Skylake. At least for most of us gamers. Intel CPUs will soon run on denser, more power-efficient 10nm silicon and run with a mix of large and small cores, similar to that made by ARM. If everything works as planned, this should be the biggest jump in gaming performance we’ve seen in years, at least on the CPU side of things.

Hopefully it’s the best for Intel, but AMD certainly won’t stand idly by while Intel catches up with performance. red team recently appeared Zen 3 Ryzen CPU with 3D stacked L3 cache (V-Cache). The upgrade allowed the 5900X to take performance to new heights in a number of games. With the Intel Alder Lake release date in effect now on the table, the next few months will be exciting in the PC gaming space. Healthy competition is certainly welcome.

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