Samurai Warriors 5 preview – Got a haircut?

Omega Force doesn’t have the best track record for its series. As such, I was excited at the same time And the worry for samurai warriors 5. Relax, developers did not repeat mistakes made of Dynasty Warriors 9. There is no cute or pointless open world or needless combat mods. If anything, it’s mostly similar to the previous game in the series. samurai warriors 5 On consoles later this month, it will Come to the computer At the end of July. Surprisingly I was able to dive in and see what it has to offer early on. So far, I’m impressed by some things, and puzzled by others. But that’s almost always the case with Omega Force games, isn’t it?

Bigger and faster change it samurai warriors 5 Offers more than previous entries is that the power of Omega completely gone ذهبت Back to the drawing board to view the story. While the last game had more than 50 characters, this one has half as many. Moreover, the entire staff has been significantly redesigned. Rather than focusing on the majority of the Sengoku era, it instead aims to entertain fans with the events leading up to the Honnoji Incident. That is, it focuses on Oda Nobunaga, starting in the mid-1550s. This means that many of the characters the series portrays as middle-aged (or older) men are much younger here.

The same is true for samurai warriors 5profiles. The series has always treated Nobunaga himself as a flamboyant and flamboyant anti-hero, while his wife, Nohime, was a cartoonishly evil singer. Here, they are grounded and presented as being in their twenties. Furthermore, Tokugawa Ieyasu is nothing more than a child here. His famous Honda dealer, Tadakatsu, is similarly young. The story presentation is very serious and deals with events in more detail than previous games. I will compare it to Dynasty Warriors 7 On that front, it contains a lot of movie scenes. Watching the conversation sequence is much more interesting than in the previous title.

Samurai Warriors 5 Fighting Stunt Combos Preview

Send clones

The two biggest additions from the last game, rush attacks and partner characters available and present on the battlefield, are both coming back Samura Warriors 5. Since the story focuses precisely on events from the perspective of the Oda clan, there is a limit to the number of times we see other characters appear. Especially since a lot of them die, but this is typical. The game has been divided into chapters, some of which feature side events. For example, after Imagawa Yoshimoto’s defeat at the Battle of Okehazama, you can go back and play a scenario from Ieyasu’s perspective showing how he married his first wife, Lady Tsukiyama, who is called here by her maiden name, Sena.

Unfortunately, Omega Force has decided that clone weapon combos should return, even though the entire fan base fits in when they do. Why Omega Force? You only had 27 characters, why are there clone movement combinations? Honda Tadakatsu and Maeda Toshi both fall behind on a great shaft work, so their movements are practically identical. It’s lame as hell. Although characters do get a few unique charge attacks when using their favorite weapon. It’s disappointing, but I’m still happy with what they did with the portrayal of the characters and the story.

samurai warriors 5 The gameplay is still as fun as ever, and fans will not go wrong looking forward to getting the game. Sure, Inna won’t show up because her dad is a teenager here. But I’m sure she will be in the next stage – although it may take another seven years to release her. Hey, at least this isn’t an open world.

Samurai Warriors 5 Nobunaga Oda Fighting Game Preview

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