Battle of Stilltown – epilogue guide and easter eggs

All of your decisions in this expansion campaign, including decisions for Calculation Engine, would culminate in “The Torment That Came to Stilltown”. Remember Markham’s warning about gangs preparing to attack? Well, they finally arrived. Here are the step by step instructions and guide for Wasteland 3: Battle of StilltownAn epilogue, Easter eggs, and additional things to try.

NB: For more information about Wasteland 3: Battle of Stilltown And the base game, check out Guides/Features Hub And the Expansion walkthrough. Likewise, please remember that this guide contains spoilers.

Wasteland 3: Battle of Stilltown Walkthrough – epilogue guide and easter eggs

gangs arrive وصول

To experience the conclusion Wasteland 3: Battle of Stilltown, simply the area inside and outside the area and world map. When you return to the world map for the third time, you will receive a radio message that Stilltown is under attack.

The person calling you will be either Markham, Crowe, or a random refugee (eg, you sided with Markham, but you killed/liberated the Synths who made her leave).

Wasteland 3 Battle Of Steeltown Easter Egg Finale Walkthrough Guide Ending 1a

Return to Steeltown to watch an encounter happen. Dozens of Payasos members, Godfishers and Scar Collectors have arrived to settle the score. Depending on the choices you’ve made, you’ll see a variety of defenders:

  • Markham or Crowe might be here.
  • Workers or bots will be around if you don’t kill/destroy them all.
  • The refugees you have helped (eg a cookie) will help you.
  • Ghost Gang members will arrive if you just kick them out or if you avoid deadly battles.
  • Di and Blue will appear based on your decisions.
  • Synths will help you if you edit it from the computation engine.

Wasteland 3 Battle Of Steeltown Easter Egg Finale Walkthrough Guide Ending 2a

I don’t think you have to use non-lethal options here, so I think you can go in with flaming guns to do extra damage. Don’t forget to use Kodiak to flatten any enemies in the way.

It will be daunting because of many enemies. Hopefully you’ve been able to save enough friendlies to help provide support. When you’re done, pick up the loot (I don’t think there’s anything unique). Whoever drives the facility now (like Markham or Crow) will give you some tellurium as well.

Wasteland 3 Battle Of Steeltown Easter Egg Finale Walkthrough Guide Ending 2b

Ghost Garage Easter Egg

If you visit Ghost Garage, you will encounter a stranger named Dash Grabem. He’s got Much Animal companions with him since his appearance wilderness 3‘s Pokemon President.

Dash will challenge you to a boss fight, but you can avoid it if you have Animal Whisperer 8. If you resist it, you’ll face a spiny toad, oxen, two-headed goat, and even a cat. Also, I tried but couldn’t permanently tame/enchant any of his pets.

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Other things you can check

There are other things you can try now that you’re done with it Wasteland 3: Battle of StilltownThe main task and the conclusion. I haven’t been able to test it after playing around, but you may have time to see if there are new results:

  • In cases where you end up in a gunfight but don’t want to kill an important target, perhaps you can use non-lethal options instead, such as when you have to shoot Valor Buchanan in Denver.
  • If you release Synths in the Stilltown Spire, will you encounter others (ie Wolf Synth Hunt) Do you have additional notes?
  • The Serial killer from Dean Ranger HQ Fourth victim, but left a note. You were told that it was going north and that you could go to the “dome” if you needed a place to crash.
  • Steeltown’s reputation is earned through your actions and decisions. Once you reach the limit of your reputation, the residents will support you once you submit your bid عرض expel the patriarch At the end of the campaign?

Wl Bos 8epi 2

Wasteland 3: Battle of Stilltown Available via steam. For more information, check out our website Guides/Features Hub And the Expansion walkthrough.

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