Rome Remastered 2.01 patch provides crash fixes and more

Crashes are always such a pain. It affects games of all kinds, even those that are often re-released for something that has been discontinued for years. Total War: Rome Remastered It caused some users to have their fair share of crashes, so hopefully the newly released 2.01 patch will reduce the frequency of these crashes. Hopefully it won’t break anything else. The patch includes stability fixes, as well as tweaks to game localization, audio, visuals, gameplay, and more. Moreover, players can expect more comprehensive patches in the future, as developer Creative Assembly gets closer to the game the final form.

Since the main reason for Total War: Rome Remastered Patch 2.01 is for fixing bugs, which is understood to be at the top of the patch list. The game can sometimes crash only while trying to save in the midst of an AI campaign, as well as when players try to cross bridges with animal units. General game stability improvements have also been made to reduce the number of one-off crashes, aka those random crashes that you can’t explain but make you absolutely grumpy. There are also many improvements made to the localization of different languages. However, there is none on the English front.

Total War: Rome Remastered Patch 2.01 – Not just crash fixes

In addition, there are more fixes included in Total War: Rome Remastered Patch 2.01. Barbarian voices could have been heard from barbarian male units before, but this has been corrected. There was also an issue affecting the merchant’s follower descriptions not showing up. The compensation has also been adjusted, and now the factions that start wars now owe more compensation to defending the factions. With sandbox enabled, units may sometimes face the wrong orientation. Not good for a do-or-die battle, I know, but that’s fixed too. The mods also won’t have to worry about deleting mods if the updates fail.

You can read in full Correction notes here On the all-out war official site.

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