Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is slated to release a week from today

After months of being in beta, fantasy star online 2 new generation 2 Almost here. The particle Sega’s long-running semi-MMO revamp is a sequel in itself, adding new areas, better character models, and much more. No doubt, Phantasy Star Online 2 fans are eagerly waiting for the release. And next week, with a launch date of June 9, you’ll finally be able to dig deeper fantasy star online 2 new generation 2.

As I mentioned, fantasy star online 2 new generation 2 It is basically PSO 3 In everything but the name. The original game has been released since 2012, at least in Japan. We, the poor miserable souls of the West, could only formally enjoy it for about a year. But nine years is an appalling long time to be without a follow-up to one of Sega’s most popular online games. However, the transfer of new players from is likely to be avoided PSO 2 For a sequel in a year’s time, Sega came up with New Genesis, which revamps the game and adds it.

Naturally, this means that this type of sequel only improves the overall experience. fantasy star online 2 new generation 2 It will continue to be played for free on PC. For those who have characters in the game, you will be able to move from them New Genesis To the basic game at will. There are some significant improvements, however, in New Genesis Issuance. The update comes with larger open-world environments that collaborate with enemies and fellow players (with cross-play). Sega promises that there will be no loading screens when entering territories. fantasy star online 2 new generation 2 It fixes the graphics engine, while also allowing you to use new abilities and a multi-weapon system.

New Genesis, no relation to the 16-bit controller

Sega still managesthe way to New Genesis Eventwhich started in May. There’s plenty of time left to jump into it PSO 2 And get cosmetics, emotes and other rewards. Event will end when launched fantasy star online 2 new generation 2 next week.

The game is free to play on PC via Steam and Microsoft Store.

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