The Jinshin Effect: Evidence of an Excess Mastery Event

There is a new event in Jinshin effect This should help players collect more materials to upgrade talents. The Overflowing Mastery event gives 2x reward for two people abyssal fields: Forsaken Rift and Taishan Mansion, but only if you use the original resin to claim your prizes. You should be able to do this three times each day until the counter resets. Anyway, here is our guide to help you with your Overflowing Mastery event in Jinshin effect.

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Jinshin effect: Overflowing mastery event guide

As mentioned earlier, the Overflowing Mastery took place in Jinshin effect It only affects two abyssal domains. The Forsaken crack grants in Mondstadt brochures of resistance. Meanwhile, Taishan Palace in Liyue bestows booklets of diligence.

When you click on the range, you’ll see a “2x Bonus” sign letting you know that you’ll get double points if you spend an original quit (so, technically, it’s like you spent the intense resin instead).

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For the highest level of confrontation, the field of Forsaken Rift makes you fight against various Cryo Slimes and Cryo Abyss Mages. Make sure to bring your Pyro with you. There is also the Ley Line disturbance which makes you consume twice as much stamina, which makes the characters tire easily. Similarly, red circles on the ground indicate that snowflakes will fall, causing minor inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Taishan Palace’s domain contained only four opponents. The first wave has 2x Blazing Ax Mitachurls and the second has 2x Fatui Assassins. Those mobs are hit hard, and there’s also the Ley Line disruption that constantly damages your characters with Pyro. a Healer like Barbara He should be able to erase this patch momentarily.

Since you only have three chances to double your rewards during each daily reset – and because this event only lasts until June 7 – my advice is to focus on the Taishan Palace field. According to the leaks, the Next 5 star character Kazuha Ijtihad brochures will be used as talent leveling material. You’ll need to stock up on a few if you want to get and boost Kazuha once the 1.6 update releases on June 9th.

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