Resolution: Red Daze is moving to PC in 2022

from the publisher nordcurrent And developer FlyAnvil comes up with a unique tower defense ARPG to survive in a strange world. Resolution: red stupor Coming to steam Next year, it takes fans to a new experience of defending towers. A strange disease turns people into monsters, and it’s up to you to survive as civilization collapses around you.

This is a title that mixes RPG mechanics, survival and tower defense. You must save humanity’s last stronghold as you enter the new chapter of resolution Franchise business. This game comes from a legacy that has won many accolades and rewards since its original design.

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Enter the wasteland in this unique RPG experience blended with tower defense mechanics. This is the The horrific waste world النفايات caused by a fatal disease. Only you can save humanity from this danger while battling hordes of terrifying enemies.

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This is an isometric experience that will have players fighting against monsters. Recruit allies, fight the damned, and clean the land of Red Daze.

Players are tasked with collecting survivors and specialists who each have a unique skill set to offer. CONTROL AND CUSTOMIZATION them however you like as you take on missions around the valley. Explore, settle and find things but most of all survive against the ever-increasing danger

Players will feel Rush while monsters wake up And search for new prey. Players need to capture, expand and defend their settlements as they use a variety of equipment to drive away dazed people.

In terms of action, this game puts the adrenaline first with zombies, mutants and monsters roaming the waste. The world is huge, the settlements are scattered, and only one player can bring them together.

This takes a new spin on the already filled-in genre and makes it feel fresh. While the game looks like a standalone experience, it also has unique themes present in it Multiple nicknames. Fans should know that this isn’t a game for everyone, but players who enjoy this kind of action will love the carnage and mayhem implied by this title.

This is a game with a mature character full of blood and guts, but overall, violence is the main stopping point. This game is aimed at teenagers and the elderly, and it is best to consume it based on the best user judgment.

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Resolution: red stupor Available through Steam in early 2022.

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