Nvidia RTX 3070 – Is Gaming Worth It?

Nvidia launched the RTX 3070 on October 28 last year, heralding the 2080 Ti’s performance at a price well below $ 500. It was great news at the time, and we here at PC Invasion were thrilled that the 4K Ultra Settings performance at 60fps was finally reaching the masses. However, availability of Nvidia’s Ampere cards (and AMD’s RX 6000 Series) has been a mess since then.

Computer owners have to camp for hours in stores for limited resupply, and online merchants continue to be swept away by robots, miners, speculators and ordinary consumers. To make matters worse, prices have also grown to almost doubling or nearly doubling the cost of MSRP for some graphics card models due to supply and demand laws and other factors including higher tariff rates. Some have also gone the way of purchasing expensive and specially designed computers to get new graphics cards.

With all the cost and hassle involved in getting something like the Nvidia RTX 3070, one has to wonder if the visual experience is really worth it. After all, cryptocurrency prices have collapsed before. It could happen again and cause a return to normal prices. Likewise, it might be worth waiting for another generation (or another Ti / Super update) if your old graphics card is still getting the job done right now. There’s a lot to consider, so let’s see if the RTX 3070 really deserves all the hype.

A different shot

Just like everyone else, we also struggled to get the RTX 30 series card for testing until recently. Another 3070 review has been released for more than six months now, so we’ve decided to take a different approach to reviewing the performance of the Nvidia RTX 3070. Instead of just throwing a bunch of graphs and data at you for the same games, we’re going to showcase some other popular games focusing on frame rate benchmarks and visual quality.

We’ll also discuss whether features like DLSS and RTX ray tracking live up to the hype, as well as explain how the Ampere GPU architecture performs with different resolutions in different games. For example, you might be surprised to discover that it excels at 1440p and 4K over 1080p in some titles. For this reason, there will be more focus on higher resolution performance. If you’re still playing at 1080p, you might want to think twice before upgrading to the RTX 3070, or think about the cost of a new screen upgrade. There are also several market factors with which we will conclude the discussion.

Msi Gaming X Trio Rtx 3070 Nvidia Graphics Card Side 2 Web Final

(Photo credit: PC Invasion).

Since that’s a long chunk of content, you might feel inclined to just jump into gaming performance and the final section, but we’ve included a lot of additional information about other features and what we think about after testing to help you get to grips with everything the RTX 3070 really has to offer. You can also learn more about the specific model we tested and see how we got our results.

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