A new teaser revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be getting this feature similar to PUBG Mobile

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile’s Battlegrounds Mobile is due to be launched in the country soon. The launch date hasn’t been revealed yet, but we’re doing except for the battle royale game for its release much sooner than expected. Meanwhile, game developer Crafton has released a new teaser providing more details about the game. We already know a lot about the rules and instructions of the game as well as a little about the gameplay. The new teaser reveals that Battlegrounds Mobile India will come with a PUBG Mobile feature like PUBG Mobile. Read also – Battlegrounds Mobile India APK File Size, Gameplay and Maps: All matches PUBG Mobile

The latest teaser released on social media reveals that Battlegrounds Mobile will It offers a backpack for players like PUBG Mobile. The teaser shows that the battle royale will include a PUBG Mobile Level 3 Backpack. In fact, the backpack featured in the latest teaser looks exactly like the one shown in the global version of the game. The backpack is one of the most important in-game items that any Battle Royale game has to offer. It is used to safely collect weapons and other items. Read also – Battlegrounds Mobile India a.k.a PUBG Mobile release date: When will the game be released?

The new teaser does not reveal any further details about Battlegrounds Mobile India’s gameplay yet. However, Krafton confirmed several details regarding the under-18 game policy, and other privacy and security guidelines. Read also – Battlegrounds Mobile India to launch in the third week of June? A new report is suggested

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is upside down

The Battlegrounds Mobile India is ready to pre-register for Android on Google Play Store since May 18th. People who pre-register for the game get rewards once the game is released in the country. To pre-register for the game, Android users can simply head over to the Google Play Store. At the moment, there are no details about the game’s availability on iOS. Some reports suggest that the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version may be launched soon, and it is under development.

Meanwhile, several reports indicate that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be released in India in June. Some reports state June 10 as the launch date, while others spot June 18 as the game’s release date. We suggest you take this information with a little salt and wait for Krafton to officially confirm the Battlegrounds Mobile India release date.

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