Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Just Broken In fact, over 3,000 negative Steam Ratings and Counting

Elite Dangerous is huge. It’s so huge that it can be a little confusing for new players. There are spaceships, pirates, huge floating bases, different roles and missions … the game is a massive space simulator that basically displays a large-scale galaxy for you to explore. Since 2014, the game has received regular updates and DLC expansions.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is the latest expansion of Elite Dangerous. DLC does something slightly unimaginable for a space simulator of this scale: it ejects the player out of space and hurls, on foot, any number of planets. Oh, and cartridges in some FPS mechanics, as well.

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It looks great, although it’s pretty clear that the Odyssey is undercooked, not cooked, and basically raw, and it should have spent at least a few more months developing. Obviously, the launch of the Downloadable Content (DLC) has been pretty bad. More than 3,000 reviewers on Steam rated it “not recommended”.

Where did an error occur? First, the bugs. Despite two quick (ish) fixes, Odyssey is still buggy. The character’s movement is weird, the game often crashes while navigating new gun stores and menus, and even the big selling point of the DLC – playing with weapons – looks weird and has a bunch of cool animations.

More on this photography. The mechanisms are … strange. Everyone has a personal armor (which turns even simple fights into a potential grind fight), weapons are all useless, and feedback from shooting, including recoil patterns, is disappointing.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Frontier’s efforts to incorporate a fully functional FPS into their space simulator have stalled a bit. Obviously, they are different types of games.

But what has bothered the community a lot is the fact that this downloadable content costs the full price. 40 dollars. 35 euros. It doesn’t matter if you have the Original Elite Dangerous Pass. No. This is a standalone addition to the game.

The Odyssey seems to be in a testing phase. But you have to pay to play it. There are problems with weapon attachments, the new dynamic role of exology is boring at best, and the engineering has reverted to a very old system of having to completely change and update new weapons without being able to make any modifications. These are just a few of the problems.

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The response was very strong from the community. They are not happy. Frontier’s CEO recently released a statement via the Frontier Forums that they heard loud and clear and they will continue making changes.

Elite Dangerous has been in development for several years now, and for the most part, Frontier is very good at making changes and running consistent content. Being the flagship DLC of their game, recently formed fully on consoles, it pays out for them to listen to their dedicated player base.

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