Lots of people are playing Battlefield V on PlayStation +

With the news that revealed Battlefield 6 arriving in June, many players seem to be choosing to revert to its predecessor, Battlefield V. Thanks to recent Steam sales, the game’s access to PlayStation +, and the hype over the Battlefield franchise, the game’s servers are getting busier than they have been in months. .

If you have played Battlefield V in the past two months, you will undoubtedly notice how many empty servers. Player numbers hover around the 30-40 mark, even on some of the more popular servers.

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Battlefield V, which has been plagued with problems since its release, was a controversial title, and not one of the most popular games in the series. However, the final update of its content – with maps from the Pacific – was well received.

Plenty of posts on social media from fans of the game show just how busy the servers are currently. Play Station It’s the driving force behind the game’s sudden comeback – Battlefield V recently arrived as part of PlayStation +, and there’s no doubt the servers are busier on console than on any other platform.

If you haven’t looked at Battlefield V and own a PlayStation, this is the best time to download and play the game. There are several popular Grand Ops servers running maximum number of players, which is rare for at least a year or so now.

Most of the players will also be completely new to the game, which is ideal if you are just starting out in Battlefield. It’s a good time to prepare for Battlefield 6 which, as I expect, will be one of the biggest games to launch this year.

Unfortunately, you will still likely run into hackers if you are playing on PC. This has been a long standing issue with the game but not an issue that EA or DICE has really addressed. Their focus is on Battlefield 6.

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With more news expected about Battlefield 6 in the coming weeks, fans of the series are looking forward to a fresh start to the franchise, and many hope that DICE has learned from the disastrous reception of Battlefield V.

You can download and play Battlefield V now if you are on PlayStation and have a PlayStation + subscription. Other games arriving this month include the popular survival game Stranded Deep and Wreckfest Derby.

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