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Sid Meier’s Pirates! It was originally released in 1987. Although I missed this classic, I was able to play the 2004 remake on Xbox and PC. From that moment on, I searched for other games that could capture my imagination in the same way Pirates! I did. Enters The king of the seas-New presentation from developer 3DClouds and publisher Team17 which is About to be released Tomorrow. At a glance, I noticed how heavily inspired the classic was and I’m excited to try it.

Truth be told, The king of the seas I managed to scratch the itch, and found myself venturing across the oceans. There is so much to do to keep you occupied for hours.Unfortunately, some of the concepts and features felt in short supply, to the point that they seemed to be a simpler or simpler version of what I was expecting.

A life of a pirate

The king of the seas The campaign begins with your selection of a male or female character, siblings of the royal family. When your character sets off on its first journey as a leader, you receive a message that your father, the king, is dead.

there is something wrong. Although the king’s death has not been explicitly shown, you are aware that an aspiring admiral and many members of the Royal Navy have called your character traitorous. This false accusation results in your character’s ship being bombed and sinking. Thankfully, friendly pirates managed to save you. From this point on, you sail under the Jolly Roger banner as you reclaim the throne.

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Factions in The king of the seas

Forget the concept of nations in The king of the seas. Instead, the campaign offers you three factions. Your character is only part of the Pirate Faction, a scattered group of pirates on the edge of a procedurally created map. Opposed to the Royal Navy is led by an ambitious admiral, backed by a wannabe captain and a mighty armada. All ships and towns of this faction will remain hostile throughout the campaign.

Finally, there is the merchant neutral faction. Think of this faction as independent city-states of some kind. You can trade with them freely and carry out missions to help you level up and gain the benefits. Likewise, you can buy upgrades for your ships and dock at their ports for repairs. However, since you are a pirate, you can still attack their craft without any penalty as long as you do so on the high seas. If you bomb them near any port controlled by the merchant faction, only that settlement will be hostile to you for some time.

It leads to situations where you can basically plant a nearby town over and over again, dump boats and head back to a friendly harbor. Alternatively, you may want to stay on good terms with a few settlements where you can pick up goods at a specific location and sell them for a profit wherever the demand is high.

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Battles and naval skills

at The king of the seas, What reminds me of more Sid Meier’s Pirates! Are sea battles. You start out with a small sailboat, but later on, you’ll be able to purchase other options like the flute, bridle, frigate, and galleon. The controls are fairly responsive, at least as long as you use a gamepad; It is very incomplete when using the keyboard. You speed up by raising your sails, slowing down to make quick turns, switching to different types of ammo that damage specific components, and firing your cannons on both the port and starboard sides.

Moreover, you can equip your vehicle with various contraptions such as masts, hull designs, types of cannons, ammunition, and more. Each particular piece of equipment has its own stats that can enhance the offensive and defensive capabilities of your ship. Maybe the only downside here is that things can get a little overwhelming, as I’ll explain in a moment.

On the plus side, the action is emphasized more due to four different skill brackets that also serve as equipment. Computer-controlled and player-controlled ships can have a range of skills from flamethrowers and barrel bombs to ghost summons that drains the health of enemy sails, hulls, and crew. There are also abilities that speed up your movement and those that can nullify damage temporarily. Yes, there is even a particular skill called “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” which is similar to that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: At the end of the world Just imagine you are controlling HMS Pursuit As you shoot each gun at two ships surrounding you.

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Problems with The king of the seas

Unfortunately, not everything is in The king of the seas Lead to smooth sailing. One of the main features, Cartographer, is just an immersion destruction. Games that rely heavily on exploration keep you interested as you explode into the unknown. Good examples of this concept in practice would be A sea without sun And the A sky without sun. Now, while you are definitely exploring in … The king of the seas, You don’t fill in the blank places on the world map by just sailing to a location. Instead, you’ll need to find the cartographer’s beacon and pay him some gold just to reveal the vicinity. It feels inorganic and fixative.

Information display can also use a little work. For example, the map opens by pressing the right thumb button. This is because the active HUD only has a compass, not a miniature map. Even so, the map screen itself won’t tell you important details about settlement such as cargo types. You will need to visit each one and jot down what to bring with you.

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Also, going back to what I mentioned earlier regarding ship gear, I feel the stats are very simplified without looking at the rare colors. Let’s say I have a rare and expensive purple Level 60 item for a cannon. That sounds neat, doesn’t it? Well, it’s also possible that a common / cheap Level 45 gray / common item provides more helpful boosts than the ones I have.

Likewise, progression can also be a hassle, not just because you can level up so quickly that even rare gear gets old within a few minutes. It is because of the large number of side missions that you can complete Usually it is “destroy ship X”, “bring cargo Y into settlement”, or “escort this ship” That sends you to remote corners of the world. You will soon realize that the quest’s rewards are tied to your character’s level the moment they are captured. As such, you will need to complete it soon or the rewards, excluding gold and experience points, will be useless in the future.

Review of King of the Seas for Computer 2b

Sid Meier is streamlined

To be fair, there were also other issues that I noticed during the review The king of the seas. Some were technical, like randomly chopping the music (perhaps because the game was trying to figure out which track to play). Others were bewildering design decisions, such as having only one auto-save for your entire campaign that turns on when you visit a port settlement. God forbid many frigates and boats will be wasted, just for the sake of random kraken sensors to send you to the bottom of the ocean (which means you will have to reload what you have at the last port you visited).

There were also those who filled me with a little disappointment. I was looking for something that would complement Sid Meier’s Pirates!, But I was only seeing bits and pieces of inspiration. You can think Pirates! As a complete game, once you remove some of the features you will finally get it The king of the seas. For example, you can conquer cities with your powerful ship and even upgrade some fortifications, but there are no additional diplomatic options. In fact, the takeover of settlements occurs so late in the campaign that the advantage is barely significant at that point.

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Additionally, you can knock down the masts and sails of another vehicle, and it will still be able to travel rather than die in the water. The same goes for killing the entire crew. I’m not even sure what the crew is doing because you can’t board ships to control them, and even after losing all of my crew mates I can still fire so easily. Then again, using cheese AI was so easy because opponents are happily chasing you, allowing you to shoot cannons or use fireball skills before they can fire rockets. Finally, even after completing the game and knowing that I searched countless islands and shipwrecks, I didn’t actually find a single treasure map. I’m not sure if this is just plain random and I’ve been very lucky.

still, The king of the seas Not a bad game at all. As mentioned earlier, if you are a fan Sid Meier’s Pirates! And other open-world marine adventures, they are scratching the itch. A full campaign takes approximately 12 to 15 hours. Ultimately, it’s the sandbox adventure, easy-to-exploit ship battles, and exploration that will keep you entertained throughout your journey.

King Of Seas PC 3b review

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