Vault of Glass – Atheon’s coach fighting guide

You have He defeated the Hulk And the Frontline Gatekeeper Clear. Now, it was time to counter the “big loo” of the Vault of Glass raid. It is none other than Atheon, Time’s Conflux, the giant Vex Gate Master who is set to annihilate your team. Here’s our guide to help you fight the Atheon Coach Destiny 2Glass cellar raid.

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Destiny 2 Vault of Glass – Atheon’s coach fighting guide

Atheon’s boss fights in Destiny 2The Vault of Glass raid occurs in the same area you ended up facing the Gatekeeper. As such, you should be fairly familiar with the regular area layout, as well as the teleport locations (Mars / left and Venus / right).

At first, try to avoid Atheon’s torch hammer blasts because the weapon can shoot you twice easily if you’re out in the open. Just stay on the sides, remove the flesh that appears.

NB: Kill the bird close to the ground. For those who float higher in the air, you can leave one alive so Atheon doesn’t secrete extra groups.

If Left Out: Watch out for beggars and do callouts for Oracles

Ultimately, Atheon will send three players to a random location (either Mars or Venus). The other three players will be left outside.

Here’s what needs to happen. First, players who have been relocated in real time will call their new location. One player from the outside team will stand on the column on the board to activate the teleporter for that position. Outside players must also remove more deceitful hordes, including beggars (evil spirits explode) that can kill you instantly.

D2 Sospl Vog Ath Bss Gd 1

However, the most important factor to remember is the red pimples that spawn in the air. Similar to previous encounters, a group of three oracles will appear at intervals. There are six locations in which it can appear. Ideally, you will want the entire protection team to be on the same page regarding how they are called / numbered. In our case, we decided to start from the front left (closer to the remote Mars vector) a counterclockwise direction to the posterior left (closer to Atheon). You can refer to the image below.

NB: At least one outdoor player needs to do callouts for the Oracles that appear, and most of them will be visible when you are on a ledge in the back (near the birthing point). Atheon won’t shoot you while the Oracle phase is happening, but some types of Harpies might still damage you.

Fate 2 Cellar of the Glass Raid, Athion Boss Guide, Oracle Map 1

If you were taken from a distance: take ammo, kill Oracles, and clear the blindness

The three players who have been transported in real time will notice a relic as soon as they appear. Have one player pick up this and use it to outrun the mob. Additional enemies will appear from the portals, so be sure to hit them fast, especially the Praetorian Minotaur.

Likewise, the leftover owner has an additional mission, which is to periodically clear the Allies by holding down the grenade button. You have to be fast or your friends might go blind.

NB: If you are not carrying impacts, try to be close to the other player so that the purge effect zone applies to both of you.

D2 Sospl Vog Ath Bss Gd 2

What about players who have no leftovers? Well, their job is to listen to Oracle callouts from the outside team. It is imperative that you destroy Oracles in the correct order as one mistake will lead to wiping.

The Mars / Venus locations actually reflect Athion Square (only different color and foliage schemes). As such, you can continue numbering in the map shown earlier.

  • Some teams love to shoot Oracles from the center (where the Hydra dies). Just remember to spin a little in case you need to shoot the oracle behind (for example, the one on the tall stairs / big gate).
  • Meanwhile, the other teams love to dash onto the floating platform in the middle. This means that all of the oracles are in front of you (and you face the tall staircase / great gate). You can see this example in the image below.

Note 1: The Xenophage Oracles single-shot can be easily shot, but they aren’t the best for DPS stage. If you want to keep your alien hatch free, you can use reconnaissance rifles to take it out. The remnant holder can even drop them to help fire them, or forcefully charge the remnants to detonate a single target.

Note 2: There are three groups with three oracles each one you need to deal with. Once all nine Oracles are destroyed, clean up the nearby Teleporter players, run outside, and start the DPS stage. You may need to sanitize your teammates again once you reach the designated DPS location.

Fate 2 vault of the glass raid guide Athion Boss Oracle Map 2

DPS Phase: Improved retaliation time, retention, and gear suggested

With the deaths of all nine Oracles, the team would gain Time’s Vengeance power. This signals the start of the DPS phase to fight the boss Atheon. However, this stage is rather short and frantic, and it really needs to blow the boss off. Here are some suggestions:

  • Titans – collision of thunder with the falling star Corus.
  • Warlocks – at least one brightening well; The rest should use the Nova Bomb along with Nezarec’s Sin.
  • Hunters – Golden Pistol with Celestial Falcon or Blade Volley with Jalanur Shards.
  • Clutter tends to do a lot of constant damage if you bump into the boss or the ground near it. The Salvo Salvager It may also help if needed.

Time’s Vengeance Buff feature accelerates the recharge rate of all your abilities, including grenades and superbugs. Likewise, you’ll want to Modified paradum cube artifact Like Blast Radius (everyone) and Breach & Clear (no less than two to three fire squad members who use grenade launchers). There are also other adjustments like taking charge and power transformer. A combination of Nova Bomb (with Nezarec’s Sin) or Blade Barrage (with Shards of Galanor), plus the Blast Radius, Charge, and Transformer can help you rejuvenate your super back, especially if the messy / superhero shots also end up killing the harpy mob.

Note 1: Since the Titans would need Thundercrash right away so that they had enough time for super recovery, they should never carry relics because they wasted precious seconds. Ideally, anyone carrying the remnants should drop them near everyone so they can be picked up by Warlock using Well of Radiance (the only person who doesn’t send unwanted emails that does damage). Also, as far as I can tell, normal servers do more damage than antiquity damage.

Note 2: Oh, and don’t forget, you have to watch out for arrest (which targets 1 player). After a few seconds, the reservation will trap the player and all other allies near them. You should check the lower left corner of the HUD to see if you are the target person so that you can move a little further. Your teammates will shoot you from your detention bubble when they can.

Fate 2 cellar of glass raid guide Athion Boss 1 a

Finally, let’s talk about the DPS and get back to the normal phase. Some groups prefer to use the middle platform, while others like to spread. There are also instances where groups may want to DPS in front of the gate (in which the relocated team exit simultaneously). This is a viable strategy as it speeds up a little DPS and knocks mess, grenades and super more mobs (to help recharge your super again). The only threats here are beggars who can turn towards you, but can be dealt with whenever they approach you.

In any case, after one DPS phase, you must have taken a large chunk of Atheon’s health. Repeat the same process with the Teleport, Oracle Callouts, and Purge the Remnants multiple times until Atheon’s death. Congratulations on clearing the normal mode of Destiny 2Vault of Glass raid, good luck having Vex Mythoclast while you are at it.

Fate 2 cellar of glass raid guide Athion Boss 1b

Fate 2: The Splicer Season Available via steam. For more information, check out our website Axis guides and features. Likewise, you can read a Home directory The Vault of Glass raid.

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