Glass Vault Raid – A Templar Prime Guide

The Battle of Tumblr may have preceded it A few encounters He gave you a quick look at the mechanisms, but now is the time to fight the president himself. Confrontation has important concepts such as arrest, immediate transfer and additional crowds that can make it a brutal affair. Anyway, here’s our guide to help you battle the Tumblr Boss Destiny 2Glass cellar raid.

NB: For more information on Fate 2: The Splicer Season, Verify Axis guides and features. You can also read our Home directory The Vault of Glass raid.

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass – Tumblr boss fight guide

The basics

Once someone picks up a remnant in the area, the Battle of Tumblr Head will begin. The goal here is to destroy three oracles that spawn in order, have the Relic Bearer break the Temple Armor, have everyone damage the Boss, then prepare for any potential transitions and crowds.

Team roles

  • Relic Holder – Relic Holder is the most important role in the battle of the Vault of Glass’ Templar boss. After capturing the relic, the player will notice several new actions such as swipe / knock down (left click), clearance (press and hold the grenade button), and super bar. I’ll talk more about these in a while.
  • Oracle Killer (Optional) – Technically speaking, everyone can kill the Oracles that are spawning. However, designated players can hide inside the small boxes and use Xenophage to take out the most obvious ones. You can see a specific cheese stain from the ceiling in the following photo.
  • Anyone Else – The rest of the raid kit should only help clear the add-ons and any Oracle that the particular player cannot see.

NB: Use the same cheese stains and numbering for Oracles From the previous encounter (Example # 1 starting from back right clockwise) for clearer callouts and line of sight.

Fate 2 Glass Cellar Raid Templar Boss Manual 1

How the battle progresses and the proposed gear

Start by destroying the three oracles in order. The Knights Templar must then begin performing a ritual banishment. The first cast won’t be important because no one should be removed if you kill Oracles in the correct order.

Oh, and while Oracles is being killed, the leftover holder must battle a few mobs to fully charge their super counter. Then, once everyone was in position, the remnant carrier would use the super-rocket to fire an explosion that would break the hull’s shield. This enables the fire squad to do DPS.

Ideally, you should have the following:

  • Titans – Banner Armor with Ursa Furiosa.
  • Warlocks – Well of shine with the Lunafaction Shoe.
  • Hunters – Golden Pistol with Heavenly Nighthawk.
  • Dual Sniper Rifles or Sniper Rifles with Vorpal Weapon Perk and Boss Spec mod.
  • Chaotic Alien Grenade Launcher – Ideally, at least one player should possess fire team Breach and wipe artifacts To expose the president.
  • If you have an Oracle Killer hiding in a cheese slick, they should use Xenophage to take out one shot of Oracles. You can also force confrontation (for example, ignore the following group of Oracles). I will explain more in a while.

NB: The position of the first DPS mode should be on the edges fairly close to the boss (Banner Shield and Well of Radiance should keep you alive). Also, this position will allow you to get away from blasting out fanatics. Remember, they will still create the Vex Milk Puddles that will appear to you with a negative sign. Your only resort is to run to the center plate to clean it because the residue ability no longer removes the mark.

Note 2: You should be able to exhaust at least 40 to 50% of the Tumblr Health Range in a single DPS phase. You might even approach one stage if everyone else is on guard.

Fate 2 Glass Cellar Raid Templar Boss Guide 2

Stopping and preventing immediate transfer

Another thing you need to remember is that Tumblr will be holding three random people in a bubble. When you are captured, you cannot fire to break your shield. Instead, you need to rely on your teammates to shoot your shield for you. If you try to quickly burst out of the bubble, or if your hold is not removed in time, you will die. The residue holder can also get trapped, so make sure you break the bubble quickly. Also, if you are using a grenade launcher and are held right before shooting, there is a good chance you will die from the explosion.

Likewise, the Relic Bearer should wander around the map, looking for a red circle indicating where the Temple will be moved. If the remnant holder can stand inside the red circle for a few seconds, it will block the instantaneous transfer of the Templar that extends into the DPS stage. The Relic Holder can simply press the grenade button to snap the shield to negate all damage while they are on site.

Ideally, the residue holder should block two teleporters in order for the team to have a fairly long DPS stage. Also, multiple minotores will be deployed depending on how many times the teleport has been canceled. You have two options from this point onwards. First, you can choose to wipe out the mobs, especially the half-dozen or so Minotaurs that have appeared. While this is happening remember that the next set of Oracles will be showing up soon so be sure to perform the callouts accordingly.

Fate 2 Cellar of Glass Raid Templar Boss Guide 3A

Alternatively, you can force confrontation by ignoring the following combinations of Oracles. This is applicable if your team has decent gear and everyone is on standby, or once the 24 hour competition mode expires and you are no longer hampered by being inferior to the enemies. For this, just let the residue carrier block as many simultaneous transmission as possible (crossing back and forth each side by cutting the spawning point, like a “U” movement).

Continue to damage the boss even if Oracles appear. Then, once the Hulk is about to throw a banishment ritual, the team will move to the purge board and count down before stepping on it. You can even allow the relic holder to protect you from enemy fire while you are on the clearance board. After this short transition, Relic Holders, Titans, and Warlocks will only announce when they have their Superman so that you are ready to detonate the remaining health of the Hulk.

Note 1: If you can’t get the perfect DPS mode (for example, the middle or back areas), or your mates don’t have ammo / piercings yet, just stay near the mopping board. Kill a few in the crowd and let a round of exile / purge go by. The remnant holder will only detonate the hull so it can move instantly to a more preferred location, and everyone will prepare to bomb it with nuclear bombs when possible.

Note 2: Finally, the Knights Templar will get angry if the boss battle takes more than eight minutes. It will repeatedly call for more orcs which will make cleaning more difficult.

D2sospl Vog Temp Gd 1

Fate 2: The Splicer Season Available via steam. For more information, check out our website Axis guides and features. Likewise, you can read a Home directory The Vault of Glass raid.

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