Saving the past for the future of video games

With the release of Legendary version of Mass EffectI’ve been thinking a lot about preserving video games. Not every game should be preserved for posterity. After all, there are a lot of dredging tools on Steam that not only guarantee their preservation, but they probably don’t deserve to be for sale in the first place.

However, there are some games that it will be sad to lose forever. So what are the game preservation issues, and what can be done to save the games we love?

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone

Art preservation is usually something that is considered too late. Many great painters reused their paintings, and painted works that they had already completed. Other wonderful artworks may have been lost due to being lost, being thrown away, or accidents like fires and floods. Nowadays, there is an entire industry devoted to preserving and maintaining great works of art. The television and film industry has lost many businesses. Monty Python Fans can only enjoy these TV series now because the comedians themselves stepped in to buy the videos from the BBC when they were to be recorded. he thinks that 70% of all silent films You are lost forever.

Preservation of video games has already begun with both collectors and a more organized effort to preserve the classic titles. It started by securing, saving, and restoring arcade tanks. Since then, at least a handful of each console and its software has been preserved by collectors and museums. Although Xbox has garnered a lot of praise lately for the way it adopted fully backward compatibility (something Sony and Nintendo seem to be far behind), computers are an obvious place to enjoy classic games. Besides the old computer games, a lot of titles from other systems can be played through emulation. Purists may object to the emulators, but they provide easier (and cheaper) access to classic titles for curious players. Emulators will become more important over time due to old game hardware crashing and eventually becoming irreparable. The legality of some emulators may be called into question (at least as far as the source of the games you play through them). However, there are other programs like DOSBox that make old PC titles bootable again like The Elder Scrolls Arena.

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The digital future can be lost in the past

When it comes to preserving games, what worries me is not the past as much as I am concerned with preserving what we have now and from the past decade or so. Until recent years, we’d all been buying physical copies of software. If you have purchased a physical copy of the game, you can always reinstall it from the disc. Moreover, unless you damage the disk, it will always play and will not be damaged or fail in other ways. Older floppy disks (5.25in and 3.5in) may lose their appeal in about 10 to 15 years, but optical disks will remain viable for 25 to 200 years depending on their type. In this digital future that we live in, we rely more on other companies to maintain these games. When we obtain a game from Steam, the Epic Games Store, or any other digital marketplace, we don’t really buy it so much as we buy a license to play it. You can play this game as long as you own it on your hard drive or the market keeps it available.

If a publisher decides to remove a game from a store, how long will the store retain access to that address? You might keep it for two years, or even five years, but what about 10, 20, or 30 years? Will the market you bought it from still exist at that time? You might think that you can avoid this by simply keeping the games on your hard drive. This is not a reliable option when looking at longer periods of time. Many of us have heard the frightening click of a failed hard drive. Even flash memory drives are impeccable over time, as the capacitor charge eventually dissipates. You will have to regularly transfer game files to new drives that have their own risks.

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Not everything is as it seems

The problems of keeping games for modern titles just aren’t solved by purchasing physical copies anymore. Data corruption and loss of game access may be resolved by purchasing a disc, but this is always the worst version and sometimes it cannot play. The popularity of the one-day patch is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Although it allows the developers to correct any issues related to the game, it has become a prop. Instead of a day when a single patch was used to fix any issues that were not missed in our initial testing, the patch is often used as a way to release games at an earlier time.

Let’s use Cyberpunk 2077 For example. If you are in the year 2050 (or even 2077) and want to play the game, you will not want to try it from the version released in stores at launch. You don’t want to remember a game that has all the bugs, glitches, and performance issues. Even if the developer manages to release a title without requiring a correction for a day, this is usually not the end of the story. Many games nowadays have additional content added after launch. Looking back at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, You might be content to play it without the various added cosmetics, but it would be a shame to miss the awesome expansion packs. In the event that Cyberpunk-The developers are working on a multiplayer game. You may still want to try this in the future.

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A revival through reissues, transformers, and remanufactures

Another way to preserve the game is to launch it again. Really, a reissue of the standard is only likely to happen when a new market is launched or as part of a franchise suite. Even with significant milestones, the publisher will likely reformulate the title rather than just reissue the title. However, I think recycling tools are a decent way to preserve the game for a while. It doesn’t really change the game. Most of the developers are only trying to release the best possible version of the game. And they tend to bundle the best versions of the game’s assets together. Usually the game engine is raised a little without changing it completely. Yes, it’s not the purest version of the game, but it’s always the best.

New editions are different kettle of fish. The fundamentalists certainly would not agree with it. Personally, I think it depends on what is being done. I think a remake Resident Evil 2 And the 3 It is really good. However, from a conservation standpoint, it does not arrive at the place as it is And therefore They differ from their original forms. An example of a remake that keeps the game well Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 1 + 2. It’s not quite the same as the original in that you can make returns and some transfers, but it’s possible to turn this off. It just feels like you remember, though. The enhanced graphics echo your rosy memories of the original. Most importantly, the gameplay is exactly the same as the original as your youth.

Activision Tony Hawk Pro Skater Warehouse 2

Look to the future, but don’t forget the past

As fans of the game, we’re always looking forward to the next big thing. None of us want to return to a world without online gameplay, 3D graphics and ray tracing. Let’s not forget where we came from. There are some great games that you will be sad to lose forever. My little boy is starting to play games and I want to show him toys like Half life 2And the Gate 2And the Diablo III And the The fighting aura evolved When old enough. Titles like BioshockAnd the Mass effect, And the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It has stories that will continue to be fascinating in the coming years and decades.

Vintage games can also help highlight some of the negative areas the industry has moved into. They can remind us of a time when the game was fully released and not disassembled to force you to buy a season pass or some other expansion (I’m looking at you) Dirt 5). A time when new avatars were gained through in-game play instead of buying a loot box with a cryptocurrency that you have to purchase with real currency. There are lessons to be learned from the past.

I’m not one of those people who thinks every match should be preserved forever. There are classic games for a reason, and it will be sad to lose them over time. How to do this preservation would be more complicated and difficult. However, it is something that we need to work on and discover because it would be sad to lose some of the gems that the industry has created.

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