Show your strength in Crusader Kings III: Expand the Royal Court

Paradox Interactive detected The first major expansion to Crusader Kings III Today during PDXCon. The Crusader Kings III: The Royal Court He will finally present you with a complete throne room through which to rule your domain. Your stadium will come with a variety of customization options, and it includes a new system that will allow you to dazzle your guests and opponents.

The Throne Room will be your seat of power. You can decorate it with luxurious fabrics and monuments, all designed to show your majesty and your flawless taste – or otherwise, no doubt. As the ruler, your followers and subjects will come to the throne room at their time of need. Competitors and guests show up for dinner parties, and maybe some disingenuous dealings. The trailer released alongside the news shows a royal wedding, with the many guests clearly having a hidden agenda.

The The Crusader Kings III: The Royal Court Expansion introduces the new playing mechanism of “greatness”. This system is the rug that binds everything together. Better food and decor increase your grandeur, allowing you to bring in “higher quality” guests.

Time to show off your decoration skills

Other than your ability to hold tight and increase grandeur, enlargement includes other advantages. Inspired People allows you to bring subjects with specific talents to work on various projects that will improve the court over time. The royal court includes new options for cultures. Depending on your desire to rule your kingdom, you will be able to have multiple cultures in your kingdom, or separate from the ones that currently employ them. A new cultural interface will appear alongside Crusader Kings III Expand as a free update.

Paradox Interactive has yet to say when the expansion will arrive.

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